4 Ways to Ensure Uninterrupted Streaming


There is hardly anything more frustrating than interrupted streaming. It can be enormously burdensome that one’s favorite series or film has to stand and load in the middle of it all. It became a default to stream online, and therefore the problem is more relevant than ever before.

It is not always just your internet speed that is decisive for the problem of interruptions. Other factors can also occur; fortunately, a number of measures can be taken to overcome the problem as far as possible.

How to get uninterrupted streaming

If you want to ensure that your next streaming experience will be an uninterrupted one, then read our tips below:

  • Use a VPN for Firestick and other devices – Many people probably think of a Virtual Private Network as something that should slow down the connection, but that is far from necessarily the case, especially with a paid version. At the same time, you avoid the phenomenon of “throttling,” where your provider or administrator can choose to turn down specific services, e.g., streaming.
  • Wired instead of wireless – Wireless is by far the smartest in most ways, but when it comes to stable and fast speed, nothing beats cable. You can settle for a cable connection the individual times when you need a stable connection.
  • Move your router – Physically moving the router can have a big impact. Even if your connection appears stable, the distance itself can cause the connection to constantly open and close. This will create an unstable connection that can cause interference.
  • Upgrade your internet connection – The last tip may seem obvious, and depending on where you live, it may not even be viable. But if you can upgrade the speed, it’s always worth considering – ordinary websites and apps today require far more data than a few years ago, and the same applies to streaming.

The future of streaming

As mentioned, the demand for streaming is increasing. Partly, the quality is getting better, and at the time of writing, 4K streaming is almost everyone’s property and can be found, for example, on Netflix. But the number of devices streaming simultaneously is also increasing, which is probably the most significant factor in the equation. If you do not have traditional flow TV, then in a home with two adults and two children, you quickly reach perhaps 3 or even up to 8 devices or more streaming simultaneously. And so it just requires something different from the connection than if there are only one or perhaps two central units, as was the case just a decade ago.

However, the future looks relatively bright. The spread of 5G will, among other things, ensure that we future-proof mobile devices for several years into the future, and the speeds will be both fast and stable. At the same time, it is also starting to become more normal to look at having several different routers and signal amplifiers in the home. Especially if the connection has to reach through several floors or thick walls, it can be a big problem.

All in all, at least there is no indication that streaming will stop just yet!


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