How to know if I have too many lights around my home


Installing new lighting is a simple addition that can entirely transform the atmosphere of your home. Compared to other major renovations, new lighting is cost-effective and a short time commitment. It’s no surprise that lighting appeals to so many homeowners itching for an upgrade! 

But going overboard on lighting does have consequences. From increased energy bills to decreased moods, too many lights can negatively impact your home. However, there are steps that homeowners can actively take to optimize the lighting within their homes. 

Reject excessive recessed lighting 

You should always give mind to your home’s recessed lighting, which is light installed directly inside a ceiling, wall, or other surface. Too much recessed lighting in a home bears consequences. Many homeowners carry the notion that recessed lighting is the perfect solution to a dark home lacking natural light—in fact, too many recessed lights can have the opposite effect. 

Recessed light cannot properly wash light upon walls and dark corners, which bounces reflective light into the room. Too many of these lights may leave areas of your room dark and others lit more than you want, while increasing your energy bill at the same time. Before installing an excessive amount of recessed lights, create a lighting plan to determine the right number of lights based on the space, and technical abilities of the light fixtures. And don’t forget to ensure they’re energy efficient. 

Limit your lamps 

Another important point to consider is how many lamps you own. Lamps have a significant impact on the overall vibe of a home. With the ability to enhance mood and atmosphere, lamps help to define functional zones within a room and accentuate an emotional impact of spaces. But there are other ways to enhance design without burning a hole in your pocket! Limit your home to a few lamps, and

equip them with energy efficient bulbs. Besides, too many lamps will result in unnecessary clutter. 

Install LED lighting 

One of the most important steps to take to optimize your home’s lighting is ensuring you’re using LED light bulbs opposed to traditional bulbs. LED light bulbs are not only the most energy efficient option—using over 75% less energy than incandescent lighting—they also offer many other benefits including longevity, brightness, and lower electricity costs. 

Another benefit of LED lighting is the ability to purchase dimmers. Research has found that brightness from incandescent lighting, like the glow from your living room lamp, can intensify our emotional responses. Whether you’re feeling good or bad, you’ll feel these emotions deeper in brighter light. An LED dimmer allows homeowners to adjust brightness to their own comfort level. 

It’s easy to get carried away with the lighting in your home. After all, it’s a great way to enhance a space! However, too much lighting can result in increased energy bills, lower moods, and impaired visibility. 

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