Chateau des tours offer a silky swig amidst the French Riviera!


La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin – Life is too short to drink bad wine; and for the best, you will need to associate with the Chateau des tours. 

Home to a range of velvety red and white wines, the Reynaud family has owned the property since 1935. It is currently managed by the celebrated Emmanuel Reynaud, the owner of the French emblematic vineyard, Chateau Rayas. This estate uses organic modes of horse-ploughing and fermentation for vinification. If you are a connoisseur, check out this manor among the Sarrians.  

What makes Chateau des tours a classic?

The savory quality of wine that this vineyard provides! Located along the French countryside, this chateau is currently led by Emmanuel Reynaud who took over from his uncle. While scientific interventions have reached other vineyards, Chateau des tours to date follow traditionally practiced manual plowing and all-hand harvested format. 

Boasting 40 hectares of estate lands, his wines are categorically made from estate fruits and accord to minimal or no-sulfur vinification mode. The notable aspect is, Emmanuel Reynaud categorically ensures, the cluster formation process kickstarts in a natural manner. Also, the ageing takes place in traditional authentic oak caskets to provide unrefined wine. Call for a bottle of Rhone-blend Pignan; Chateau des tours will present it in the best form.    

Classics always need to finish stating what they have to state – they are timeless for every reason, both wine and book. 

A look into the Reynaud family estates 

You already know of Emmanuel Reynaud taking over the Chateau des tours from his uncle. Do you know about his personal properties at Chateau Rayas? Well, Chateau Rayas is a 10-hectare vineyard headed by Emmanuel, which is categorically known for the grape varieties of Grenache and Clairette. One of the biggest vineyards in the Rhone area, south of France, its wines are distinctive courtesy of their persistence and intensity. 

What’s more notable is – this is one chateau that is known for the Pignan red wine with unrefined Grenache content. It is everything the Rhone red can be – seductive, silky, and supple, red wine as luxurious as never before. 

Apart from this, the Reynaud family also owns the Chateau de Fonsalette. Known for producing both white and red varieties of this luxurious drink, more than 12 yards of this vineyard is dedicated to growing grapes of the Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache, Marsanne, and Clairette varieties. 

Lastly, the notable area patched up with sandy topsoil, and marne rock is the Domaine des Tours. Known for crafting some of the best white and red silky drinks from the territories of Cotes du Rhone, Vaucluse, and Vacqueyras. 

Though most of the wine from the Reynaud estates is fermented at Chateau Rayas and Chateau des Tours, you may place the order at any of the aforementioned areas. 

Do Chateau des tours offer Eno-tourism? 

For the unversed, Eno Tourism is the standard mode to address the concept of wine tourism. A subtype of Gastronomy Tourism, this includes visiting the vineyards, pursuing wine tasting, and placing an order for the wines from the respective vineyards. Many destinations have a history of vineyards integrated into their cultural, economic, and social backdrop. To aware the tourists the same is similar to accentuating them with the country’s regional culture and practices. 

Chateau des tours offer its tourists customized wine tourism in Burgandy. Listed as a UNESCO heritage, the Burgandy vineyards prides itself on its luxurious culture and offers a plethora of offerings – both for a neophyte or an amateur. The chateau representatives ensure you discover the distinctive facets of the Reynaud vineyards, from Chateau Rayas to Chateau des Fonsalette and the best of Pignan, pinot noir, and Chardonnay. 

Along the way, this tour involves an electric bike ride amidst the vineyards, providing gourmet offerings and tasting and ordering the best of Chateau emblematic French wines. There’s no way, you could be missing this! 

What wines do they offer? 

For all the oenophiles, the chateaus offer a splendid collection of their luxurious red and white guzzles. Do you want to check out the Chateau des Tours’ special offerings? 

  • Cotes du Rhone White from Chateau des tours 2000 is a vintage crafted from the choicest of Grenache grapes. A tanniq white wine, this is distinguished by its aroma that blends almonds with white fruits. Thick on your palate, this is a stunning addition to your gourmet spread. Also, it is one of the most sought-after white wines from the estate.   
  • Vacqueyras from the Castle of Tours 2000 is another vintage from the listicle of red wines. Light on tannins and with a velvety touch, this combines Syrah and Grenache varieties, leaving behind an aroma of red fruits. Part of the privileged, Côte du Rhônes, is high on the preference list and suits every gourmet. 
  • Cotes du Rhone from Chateau des tours 2017 is one of the notable presentations which the makers have come up with. The gastronomic wine is extremely enticing, with expressions of spices and red fruits. A fleshy wine, this goes with a light snack or continental-loving gourmet. 
  • Domaine de Pignan Chateauneuf du Pape is an intensity in crimson. Crafted out of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, and Mourvedre, this emits an aroma of crushed berries and fresh-plucked blooms, with a lingering smell of vanilla and cinnamon. A tannin and acidic combination, this has a fruity and fat texture. 
  • Cotes du Rhone Rouge Reserve from Chateau Rayas is another classic red velvety offering that has flavors of both spice and cherries. The tangy finish of ripe Grenache leaves a long-lasting taste in your mouth. 

For those who are new to the silky land of wine, you can check out to start your gourmet journey. 

Winning hearts 

This was a brief outline of Chateau des tours and its offerings. The Reynaud family, since they started off the vineyard business, have always ensured quality. When you state – “Ce vin est splendide, merveilleux,” you know it comes from Chateau des tours. 


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