All about Elevation Tiles that you should know


Today, elevation tiles are used significantly more often than they were in the past. It’s because of their contemporary design and authentic appearance. These tiles are quickly winning over the hearts of discerning homeowners while they are selecting wall tiles design. These tiles are produced and built with the rising need for opulent and elegant elevation alternatives in mind. Natural stone can be perfectly replaced by these tiles.

What is Elevation Wall Tile? 

The façade of your home is covered in elevation tiles. Your outdoor areas are transformed by these tiles, which give them a refined and elegant appearance. Paint is frequently used on exterior walls in India. The issue with external wall paint is that you have to repaint your walls once every few years because it can quickly show indications of deterioration. But exterior wall tile is extremely practical and long-lasting, keeping your home fresh for years to come. Outside wall tiles also shield your exterior walls from bacteria, fungus, and viruses so they continue to look good for many years.

Advantages of using Elevation Tiles


What we all consider while purchasing tiles is that they should be durable. Elevation tiles are those that meet the criteria. They are made up of material that makes them tough, and resistant to easy damage. These tiles do not get scratched or discoloured easily. Install these tiles in areas where there is a high risk of water penetration, such as bathrooms or exterior spaces prone to water and dust damage.

Cost benefit 

When you paint your walls, there is a good chance that it will need to be maintained on a regular basis. On the other hand, when elevation tiles are placed correctly, they do not require continuous monitoring. These tiles, along with being classy and elegant, are long-lasting, which makes them a great choice for your walls. Unlike natural stones, they do not require high-maintenance. You can select elevation tiles from various natural looking shades and designs, which helps them create a spirit of nature. 

Resistant to water damage

One of our concerns when looking for tiles for wet areas is that they should be water resistant and able to stay in place for an extended period of time. If you are someone who is in search of bathroom wall tiles, then go ahead with Elevation Tiles. These tiles are suitable for exterior and interior walls as well. These tiles are made while going through intensive processes and are heated at a high- temperature, which makes them less-porous and increases their water retention rate. Along with being water-absorbing, they are also long-lasting, which is an additional benefit of this tile.

Add A Sophisticated Look

Elevation tiles replicate natural stone designs, which makes them look elegant and sophisticated. You can use these tiles in any space to create a calm environment. Their unique characteristics of being less-porous, though, make them an ideal option for your walls. These tiles are available in a range of colours, designs, and finishes, which gives you a lot of options to choose from. All you have to do to create a sophisticated look for your home is find the most appropriate front wall tiles design for your taste and install it in the right way, and that’s it!

They are Versatile

While you are searching for tiles, you always look for these features: they should be water-resistant, classy and appealing, long-lasting, tough, give a natural looking touch, and be available in different finishes, colours and designs. What if we told you that you could have all of these things in a single tile? Yes, Elevation Tiles are the most adaptable of the tiles. They are even suitable for exterior and interior spaces as well. 

Nature Friendly

The manufacturing process for Elevation wall tiles produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions. This wall tile is made in an environmentally responsible manner with organic materials. They are absolutely free of chemicals and fumes which makes them suitable for any space, unlike other types of paint that produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pose health risks. Being excellent heat conductors, these tiles help maintain the temperature of the space wherever they are installed.

Hassle-free Installation

Tiles may not provide that appealing look if not installed correctly. But some tiles require extra effort, time, and some extra cost. This is not the case with the elevation tiles, which requires a relatively simple installation.

Top 3 modern front wall tiles design for your home 

Natural Stone Tiles

Stone wall tiles are a classic architectural material. Your wall will gain a timeless, sophisticated look if you add natural stone tiles to it. However, if you choose natural stones, it can be quite difficult to maintain them, but natural stone tiles require almost minimal maintenance. Your outside walls will look beautiful with the installation of natural stone tile. You can choose natural stone tiles made of your preferred substance, such as granite, marble, slate, or limestone.

Brick Tiles 

A brick wall’s beauty is adored by many. Your home will shine more in your community thanks to its attractiveness and beauty. Brick tiles give your exteriors warmth and texture, giving your walls a distinct personality.

Wood Look Tiles

If you’ve always wanted to live in a beautiful house, you might use wood wall tiles to give your home the traditional appearance of a wooden façade. Create a tranquil, nature-inspired aesthetic for your home’s exterior by using wood look tiles. You can express your creativity by selecting modern or rustic wood tiles to go with the style of your home. A variety of colours are available for wooden tiles for wall.

With so many advantages, we believe you will understand why elevation tiles should be at the top of your list. Many people have made their homes look ravishing with the installation of these tiles. Why should you stay behind? Allow your walls to benefit from elevation wall tiles. 



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