10 Things You Should Know About K Tip Hair Extensions


K tips extensions are a great way to add volume, length, and color to your hair. With them, your hairstyle will always look natural and you will be able to style it as you like.

After reading this article, you will learn more about the features of keratin bond extensions, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

1.What are k tips extensions?

This is one of the most popular hair extension services.

The hair can be fixed with tapes, beads, sewn into a braid, etc.

In the case of fusions, the locks are fixed with transparent or color keratin – a material that is used for bond creation and their attachment to the hair. 

Hair extensions blend into your natural hair perfectly and cannot be detected.

You don’t have to worry about your hair extensions showing.

2.What hair to choose for extensions?

To begin with, the worst option is synthetic hair. They are heavier than natural curls, which is why they will be uncomfortable to wear. Such bundles are not colorable and cannot be heat styled, they look extra shiny, so they are very noticeable in the hairstyle.

Another bad option is Chinese hair. Such bundles are not suitable for two reasons: 

3.They are thick and coarse. Due to the extreme texture, Chinese hair differs significantly from the natural hair of North American women. 

4.In addition, it is put through an extensive chemical treatment process that almost completely destroys the natural structure of the hair.

To hide the damage some manufacturers coat the bundles with silicone. At first, such hair appears healthy, but the silicone will wash off very quickly, which makes it impossible to wear the extensions comfortably. You won’t even be able to comb or style your hair.

We recommend Slavic, Dyed (Russian), and European hair. All these hair types undergo delicate treatment that does not affect the quality of the hair.

  • For clients with thin undyed curls, it is preferable to use Slavic hair. You always get a bundle of hair with unique natural shades.
  • Customers with slightly denser hair should opt for Dyed (Russian) hair. There is a large selection of shades and textures in this category. If you have not found the desired color, just contact your colorist – these bundles are perfectly colorable.
  • European hair is suitable for owners of dense thick hair. In this category, you can buy bundles up to 90 cm long!

Not to waste much time searching for optimal products, visit the online store of the Canadian company I Love Slavic Hair – here you will find a wide selection of premium raw materials that have undergone delicate processing in accordance with all modern quality standards. 

By choosing such products, you will get maximum pleasure from wearing hair extensions and be 100% satisfied with the result!

5.Are fusion hair extensions damaging?

K tips extensions are considered one of the most gentle and safe extension techniques.

If installed correctly and your hair extension specialist chooses the optimal weight for you, they are almost invisible, easy to wear, very lightweight, and do not cause any discomfort. 

If the stylist lacks experience or doesn’t master this extension technique, you can feel excessive tension in the root area, which can cause headaches and lead to root weakening and hair loss.

So, if you have very fine hair, it is better to opt for lightweight Slavic hair using micro bonds. They are smaller than standard bonds and are perfect for clients with soft weak strands. If the hair is healthy and strong, you can choose Russian or European hair.

The right care routine is also of great importance: consult your hair tech about the hair care products and tools that are best for you.

Don’t skimp on your investment and choose licensed hair stylists with a good portfolio!

6.Who is the worst candidate for fusion extensions?

The main contraindications are alopecia, pregnancy, and hormonal medication. As for the latter, it is better to consult your hairstylist.

7.How long does this beauty treatment take?

Get ready to spend about 3-3.5 hours per 100 grams of hair. The time depends upon the number of strands, your hair texture, the type of bonds (micro bonds take longer), and how experienced the hairstylist is. 

It’s time consuming, but after the procedure, you’ll enjoy your gorgeous hairstyle for the next 3-4 months! Then you need to make an appointment with your hair tech for the reapplication procedure.

8.What styles can I do with fusion extensions?

You can create any hairstyle: ponytail or bun, braid, curls, or straight hair. K tips extensions are perfectly concealed and allow you to lead a normal way of life. 

But it is important to avoid exposure to high temperatures. If you use a blow dryer or curling iron, make sure their hot surface does not come in contact with the keratin bond: too high temperatures can destroy the bonds.

9.Is this extension suitable for short hair?

Keratin bond extensions are one of the best extension techniques for short hair. 

If you have a very short haircut, you can not make tape-in extensions, because they will be too visible in the hairstyle. Sew in extensions are also not suitable because you may not have enough hair length to fix a tress (it is sewn into a braid made of natural hair).

In the case of fusions, the hair tech takes a small weight and length of hair and works with micro bonds. Now you can easily change your bob cut or other short hairstyles!

10.Can you remove the extensions yourself?

No, you should leave this to the professionals. You have a higher risk of hair damage if hair extensions are not removed properly.

11.How long can I wear these hair extensions?

As we said before, the interval between reapplication procedures is 3-4 months. If you are satisfied with the length of the hair (which is gradually reduced with each reapplication), then you can wear the same bundle for up to 12 months.

12. How much does it cost?

The cost consists of:

  • The type of raw material you have chosen;
  • Its weight and length;
  • The price of the extension technique.

To know more about the first two points, we recommend contacting I Love Slavic Hair. Here you will be helped to find the best option by weight, length, and price.


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