9 Cozy Date Night Ideas

9 Cozy Date Night Ideas

As the temperatures drop, it’s time to stay warm and get cozy. Whether you’re trying to think of a fun new date activity with your long-time partner or just want an excuse to get cozy with that new guy you met on Bumble, there are plenty of fun date ideas to get inspired by. First, you can get excited about going out on a date by wearing a pretty new cardigan sweater that goes well with your new cruelty-free makeup palette. Then, you can keep the romance alive and get excited about these nine cozy date night ideas.

1. What to Wear to Get Cozy for Date Night — When it comes to cozy date nights, you don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. Wear clothes that you’ll feel comfortable wearing for several hours. You can’t go wrong with an athleisure look. Form-fitting leggings and a cardigan sweater make a great chilly weather option. You can keep it casual with sneakers and an athletic jacket. If you’d like to dress it up more, you can add on jewelry and heels like ankle booties or platform boots. Once you know what to wear, you’ll want to do your hair and makeup. Not sure what kind of products you should use for your makeup and hair routine? Get a monthly cruelty-free beauty box subscription. You’ll get new cruelty-free beauty goodies delivered straight to your door every month. That way, your date night beauty routine always looks fresh.

2. How to Do Your Hair and Makeup for a Cozy Date Night — Next, you’ll want to do your hair and makeup. If your date night routine is in need of a refresh, chances are you’ll probably want to refresh your date night look, too. Try out some new vegan makeup. Not only is vegan makeup friendly to our animal friends, but vegan makeup is also typically made from cruelty-free clean and non-toxic ingredients.

9 Cozy Date Night Ideas


3. Go to a Drive-In Movie Theater — For a cozy date night that’s an upgrade from Netflix and Chill yet again, find a local drive-in movie theater near you. It’s an old-school date that has the right amount of nostalgia to fire up the romance for your next date night out. Just because it’s just you two in the car together watching a movie on the big screen doesn’t mean you don’t have an excuse to get dolled up. Get into your date night routine by first taking a shower or washing your face with vegan skincare products. You’ll be looking great and feeling even better once you sink into the comfort of your seats to watch the movie.

4. Cook Together — You’re going to eat anyway. Why not bond together and create a delicious meal? Cook something yummy and cozy together. You can bake wholegrain bread or make homemade pizza with vegan cheese if you’re craving something savory. Sweet stuff more your style? Try making fall and winter desserts such as pies with autumn fruits. 

5. Attend a Low-Key Concert — You don’t have to go to that big Friday night sellout concert. For a cozier musical experience, attend a concert by an indie band or local artist with a niche following. You may be able to snag nicer or closer seats for far less money than you’d pay for the Billboard 100 artist to sit on the balcony. 

6. Have a Paint and Sip Night — Try a paint and sip class together. These classes typically involve BYOB with alcohol or whatever else you’d like to drink. You’d also bring your own munchies in between painting. The teacher guides you as you, your significant other, and the rest of the class paint a fun picture like a sunset at the beach or a moonlight cityscape.

7. Do a Puzzle Together — Here’s another fun activity that doesn’t involve leaving the house. You can go to a bookstore or toy store or simply order a puzzle online from the comfort of your couch. You might think that puzzles are just those 2D puzzles that you build once and then put back in the box when you’re done. You can glue the pieces together to make an art piece out of your completed puzzle. You can also do a 3D puzzle that becomes its very own display piece!

9 Cozy Date Night Ideas

8. Learn a New Skill Together — According to Piedmont Healthcare, there are many mental, emotional, and physical benefits to learning a new skill. Learning new skills keeps your mind sharp. It helps give you confidence. It can make you and your significant other happier by feeling more confident by acquiring a new skill set and deepening your bond as a couple. Keep your relationship fresh while expanding outside of your comfort zone by learning something new together.

9. Sing Karaoke Together — You might not think that singing karaoke is an intimate or cozy activity, but it can be quite romantic for you and your date! If you don’t want to leave home, you can have a karaoke night at home with a built-in karaoke machine. Most of them nowadays are built into a portable Bluetooth mic. You could also go out to a cozy karaoke bar and sing your heart out in public. 


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