Kelly Reilly Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Husband, and More

Kelly Reilly Net Worth

Kelly Reilly is a British actress famous for her role in movies like Sherlock Holmes, Eden Lake, Fight, and Yellowstone. She belongs from a humble background and is a self-made actress—that’s why people often search for Kelly Reilly net worth and other essential details about her.

Surprisingly, Kelly Reilly is famous for on-screen plays, but only limited information about her life and family is available. She has a Wikipedia biography page but has fewer details than other actors competing with her.

It’s clear that she likes to keep her life private, and that’s why it gets interesting to know more about her. Besides Kelly Reilly net worth, people also search for details about her husband, family, kids, etc.

We researched some cues to determine the exact questions about the actress, then searched for the relevant information on a credible website and used our sources to bring this information to you.

This article contains details about the couple, her previous fiancé, Kelly Reilly net worth, Kelly Reilly husband net worth, and all other relevant information that will surely interest you.

Who is Kelly Reilly?

Her full name is Jessica Kelly Siobhán Reilly, and she was born on 18th July 1977. She is a British actress popularly known for her tremendous performances and lead roles in some famous series.

The actress was nominated for Laurence Olivier Award for her extraordinary performance in After Miss Julie at the Donmar Warehouse.

Kelly Reilly has seen many struggles in her life. Earlier, the actress wasn’t known for doing any lead roles. She mainly used to do the side roles and often got ignored. However, she received her most significant break in 2008 with her appearance in Eden Lake.

Because of her excellent performance, she received a role in other world-famous movies like Sherlock Holmes and Yellowstone. These movies made her known to the world, and now she is so famous that people are searching for Kelly Reilly net worth.

Kelly Reilly Net Worth

Early Life and Education

Kelly Reilly was born and raised in Chessington. She is the daughter of a hospital receptionist, and her father, Jack Reilly, used to work as a police officer in the city.

Kelly completed her schooling in the same city and went to Tolworth Girl’s School in Kingston. She was always interested in drama and learned acting while in school. Her grandparents are Irish, so we can also notice the heredity of her appearance.

As mentioned, the actress doesn’t like to share her details publicly, so only limited information about her life and education is known to the world. However, she had a fantastic career; let us learn more about it.

Kelly Reilly Career

The actress got her first acting assignment in 1995 when she wrote to the producers of the popular television drama of that time, Prime Suspect. They took over six months to reply but were selected for the role. Her first show was telecasted on 7th May 1995.

The following year she got a role in another UK television drama where she played the role of a disturbed wife. Indeed, it was an excellent start to her career, and because of these roles, she could find her place in the industry.

However, her professional career kick-started in 1997 when she worked for Elton John. The following year she was cast in The London Cuckolds, and in 2000, she did another show called Graduate.

She was praised a lot for her acting skills, and it was clear that directors loved her work and comic timing. Despite the initial success, she couldn’t bag a prominent role in any blockbuster show or movie.

Starting in the 2000’s she felt being a good fit for comedy roles and began actively looking for them. Following her passion, she claimed her role in The Royal Court in 2001.

She pursued similar roles for other shows/movies like the Spanish Apartment and Russian dolls. It continued until 2013, when she finally ended her comedy roles with the Chinese Puzzle.

By then, she was already famous and known for her roles in favorite movies like Eden lakes in 2008 and a high-profile British drama show, Above Suspicion. Also, her appearance in Sherlock Holmes was the biggest game changer.

Since then, she has appeared in various British shows and movies. Kelly’s recent achievement was her phenomenal role in the Paramount Series Yellowstone.

The drama debuted in 2018 and immediately caught people’s eyes. The show is based on a fantastic suspenseful plot and has five seasons.

Kelly continues to claim her lead role in the series, which will have more upcoming seasons.

Kelly Reilly Net Worth

Kelly Reilly net worth

Here we come to the most searched question about the actress “What is Kelly Reilly net worth?” We researched multiple websites to find accurate information, but they all quoted the exact details.

As per celebrity net worth, the actress is currently worth $5 Million. The website didn’t mention her annual income, but apart from her acting, she owns multiple stocks and assets that generate a stable passive income for her and contribute towards the growth of her net worth.

Kelly sees a successful career, and with her successful lead role in Yellowstone, it’s predicted that she might add another million to her net worth shortly. We will surely update this article as soon as it happens.

How Kelly Reilly became so famous?

Most people didn’t know the actress since her early days because she took much time to appear in those high-budget series, and that’s why people often ask about the reason behind her popularity.

Kelly started with the essential roles for beginning as she was very young when she joined and didn’t have any connections in the industry to bag the lead roles. She started from scratch and struggled for 13 years to get a role that changed her life.

Her appearance and tremendous performance in Eden Lake in 2008 made her famous. After that, she was piled up with work and many lead roles in huge big-budget movies and series. She is now performing a lead role in Yellowstone, and people are already in love with her excellent acting skills.

Some sources reveal that she might also appear in the lead in other popular series. But we need to wait for the official confirmation. You can watch her fantastic acting skills in Yellowstone’s fifth season.

Kelly Reilly Net Worth

Who is Kelly Reilly husband

Initially, Kelly was engaged to Jonah Lotan for two years, from 2007 to 2009. Lotan is a 49-year-old Israeli actor famous for his excellent acting skills, and he has appeared in Hostages, Foyle’s war, and 24.

Lotan has seen a successful career but is less famous than Kelly. Most people know him just because he dated Kelly for two years. They never showed interest in marrying each other, and their relationship couldn’t last long.

They both got separated in 2009 and focused on their careers. However, after three years, Kelly found the love of her life, Kyle Baugher. They were both attracted to each other, got engaged, and married in the same year. The couple has been together for a decade without any controversies.

Everything about Kyle Baugher

Kyle Baugher was born on 18th July 1977 in Southampton, New York. Besides being Kelly’s husband, he is a financer and follows Christianity.

Details about his early life and schooling are unknown to the world, but Baugher completed his bachelor’s from Princeton University. He graduated in the year of 2002. Soon after completing their studies, he started working as a financer and continuing his work.

Like his wife, Baugher doesn’t like sharing details of his personal life on the Internet. There is minimal information about him, and he doesn’t have a social media account either. Also, he never remains in the news for wrong reasons or controversies.

Kelly Reilly husband net worth

Kyle Baugher works in an investment company which is his primary earning source. He brought most money to the home as finance.

Famous People Today’s website published a report backed by Glassdoor’s data. They revealed the Baugher’s net worth claiming that he earns around $100k per year, plus bonuses might account for $20k per year. This brings his annual income to $120k.

So, Baugher might have an estimated net worth of $1 million. He never publicly shares any of his details, so it isn’t easy to make official claims about how much he owns.

However, Baugher has also seen a successful career and owns a handsome amount but not more than his wife. Kelly Reilly net worth is around $5 million, while Kelly Reilly husband net worth is about $1 million. They live happily together, which matters much more than their net worth.

Kelly Reilly family and kids?

The couple doesn’t have any kids together. Even if they have, they never publicly shared about their kids. Also, no rumors, posts, or interviews on the internet claim to have seen their children.

We checked their social media handles and all other accounts with the possibility of getting relevant information, but we have yet to find the details.

Kelly has appeared in some interviews and promotional events, but no one ever touched on the topic and asked about her thoughts on having kids or the reason behind not having kids.

Maybe the couple is planning to have something, or maybe not. There has yet to be an official confirmation about the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is a list of famous questions people frequently ask on the internet. We researched for accurate answers. If you don’t find your question below, please leave it in the comments.

1. What is Jessica Kelly Siobhan Reilly net worth?

Kelly’s full name is Jessica Kelly Siobhan Reilly, and she currently owns an estimated net worth of $5 million. There are no predictions about her yearly earnings, but the actress is doing well in her lead role of Yellowstone. We hope she adds another million very soon.

2. Which is the most famous movie by Kelly Reilly?

Kelly has appeared in multiple movies, TV series, and Dramas in her career, but her most notable appearance was in Sherlock Holmes in 2009. She was known to the world after her role in this movie. Currently, her most discussed show is Yellowstone.

3. Is Kelly Reilly’s husband rich?

Yes, Kelly’s husband is rich. He works as a financer for an investment company in America. As per Glassdoor, his salary is around $100k per year with a 20% bonus, which accounts for $120k per year. His estimated net worth is $1 million. Indeed, he is rich!

4. Who was Kelly Reilly’s first husband?

Initially, Kelly was engaged to Jonah Lotan for two years, from 2007 to 2009. The ex-couple never discussed the marriage and soon got separated. Kelly then started dating Kyle Baugher, and both tied the knot in 2012. They don’t have kids together.

5. What is Kyle Baugher Kelly Reilly net worth?

Baugher currently has an estimated net worth of $1 million, while Kelly owns $5 million. Both of them don’t like to share their details over the Internet, and that’s why there are no official confirmations. However, these are the least estimates, and they must own more than this.

Final thoughts

Kelly wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her mother was a receptionist at the hospital, while her dad worked as a police officer. She had no connections in the TV or Film industry, and the actress worked hard to build a fortune from scratch. The lady became so wealthy that now, people search for “Kelly Reilly net worth.”

She focuses on her acting career and prefers to keep her personal life private, which ultimately protects her from unnecessary controversies.

Final thoughts

Kelly and her husband, Kyle Baugher, have completed a decade of their relationship, and both seem happy together and prosperous.

We hope you got to know everything about the couple and their net worth. Please let us know in the comments if we missed something important.


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