Amazing Hairstyles That Won’t Damage Your Hair


Choosing a hairstyle can be difficult, especially when it comes to figuring out a good hairstyle for your hair type and texture. There are many factors you should consider before you make your decision, not the least of which is how the style will affect your hair’s health. Hair comprises protein, fat, water, and mineral salts. 

The proteins that form the structure of your hair are called keratin. The fat in the hair keeps it from drying out or becoming brittle and rigid. The water stretches the strands of hair and helps them bend easily. The mineral salts in the hair give it the shiny appearance we see on healthy tresses. That said, remember to invest in a gentle exfoliator that unclogs hair follicles.

Meanwhile, here are tips about the hairstyles that are best for your particular hair type;

Smooth chignon: A smooth chignon is an ideal hairstyle for a professional setting. It has many of the same benefits as a regular chignon but with a less complex and more elegant look. Like the regular chignon, the smooth chignon keeps hair away from the face and neck and is great for wearing under hats or helmets. It’s relatively easy to create with just a couple of bobby pins, allowing you to get it together in the morning without needing to wake up extra early for styling.

Braided ponytails: Braided ponytails are a relaxed, low-maintenance style that’s also versatile enough to adapt to every hair length and texture, from short and curly to long and straight. This hairstyle is great for women who want to keep their hair out of the way but don’t want to use elastic bands or rubber bands, which can pull on the hair and cause breakage. It’s also a good choice for anyone who finds it hard to get used to wearing a regular ponytail because it creates less tension in the hair, so the roots aren’t constantly being pulled up away from the scalp.

The loose half braid: The loose half braid is a stylish and elegant way to wear your hair. This braid is ideal for those who want to keep their hair out of their face while still looking fashionable. The loose half braid is an excellent hairstyle for special occasions because it’s so versatile. It’s ideal for any occasion where you want to look both classy and stylish. One of the best features of this style is that it doesn’t put any stress on the hair. It doesn’t pull or tug on the strands, which means your hair won’t get damaged by the style.

A half-crown braid: A Dutch braid or a Dutch crown braid, is a great move for hair with layers. It’s a simple style that looks complex. To achieve this look, take three sections of hair and french braid them all the way down the head. When you get to the bottom of the head, do one more regular braid to add in any remaining hair from the other sections and complete the half-crown shape.

Loose Half-Up Tied Knot: The loose half-up tied knot is a great way to wear your hair if you want to show off its full volume without drawing attention to any one part, such as your bangs or the crown of your head. The best thing about this style is that you can use bobby pins to create it however you want. Take a section from behind your ear, and put the rest of your hair into a loose ponytail. Twist the braid around itself until you have a loop, then pin it to the top of your head like a knot. You can also twist this section of hair around itself multiple times for extra volume and interest.

Key Takeaway

By its very nature, hair is a delicate and valuable part of our appearance. Treating it well can be a thing of beauty and an asset to our sense of self. But if we mistreat it, it can become an unruly mess that makes us feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. It’s important to make good decisions about how we handle our hair to maintain health.



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