What are digital business cards and how do they work?


Introduction & Role Of Digital Business Cards 

Networking and connections are growing at an unprecedented rate in this age of digitization. Regardless of which segment we look into, everything is changing with more reliance on technology. From how we used to do business to how we exchanged communication is having a shift to the digital ecosystem. The same applies to paper business cards, as we have a better alternative than digital business cards. Since these are paperless, virtual contact cards are much more reliable in both communication and the environment. 

Paper business cards had been in the networking and communication space for a long time. But, nowadays, no one wants to face the hassle of exchanging and managing bits for paper in the digital world. Ideally, we are in the transition phase to a paperless and eco-friendly society. Digital business cards play a vital role in such scenarios allowing seamless information and contact exchange. It is more of an undeniable need for professionals who use networking and relationships for business growth. 

Business cards are an effective tool to share and gather useful contacts. The other parties can be customers, partners, colleagues, suppliers, and more. It will give a professional image for business collaboration and networking. Like everything else, it is a smart move to share contact information through digital cards. 

But, how do these digital business cards work and how can you create one? Let’s shed light on similar queries and how these will assist in individual/business growth.

Digital Business Card – What Is It? 

Digital cards or virtual cards for business are created online instead of paper prints. Not just creation, these cards are exchanged via the internet or certain channels. The ease of designing and sharing cards is what makes them popular among everyone. The major advantage of having business cards online is that they make the contact sharing more interactive. With exclusive features, color options, and other functions, they can typically include all necessary information about you in one place. 

The extended use of business cards can be integrated into a phone book or CRM system. Some advanced cards even have the option of tracking and mapping locations. Moreover, contact cards are a reliable source to boost your branding. Add your logo design while designing the card and let the world see you more professionally. You can add contacts, details, addresses, and other updates with full flexibility. On top of everything, the digital business card maintains proper management of important contacts with fewer chances of losing them. It even curbs the hefty expenses of printing details on paper. 

Top Reasons To Choose A Virtual Business Card

Digital business cards are a top-notch solution to market and grow your brand in the competition. It will enhance the level of networking interactions while portraying a professional image. It also presents you as a person willing to adapt to the digital era while letting others save all your details hassle-free. Here are some of the compelling reasons to use the electronic business card – 


You can save the business cards on your phone or computer with easy accessibility. They come in handy to find and share via digital channels. There is no chance of forgetting them at home or the office and facing the problem of low card supply. All you need is your device to find the digital card and share it with others. Along with storage, the business cards are also efficient when it comes to editing flexibility. You can always change the saved information with simple clicks and interfaces. No need to worry about the contact or payment information update anymore. You can add a logo design or make modifications to the business card whenever you need. If you do not have a logo that fits your business card, you can use a free logo maker to create your own logo online. However, you should ensure beforehand that the digital business card maker tool offers the option of future customizations and updates. 


Compared to the benefits and ease they bring, digital business cards are highly cost-effective. In some ways, they are even cheaper than traditional paper cards as there are no printing and paper charges. You can easily find free business card templates to customize on your own. Instead of paying so much money for other options, digital cards can save them for other productive investments. Moreover, there is no chance of losing a card and wasting money. It remains on the computer or smartphone for easy reach and sharing. There are some premium business card categories that might ask for a fixed payment. It brings some additional benefits of custom URLs, QR codes, unique colors, and more. It’s up to you to choose the features of the digital cards and pay upfront prices. 

3.Hassle-Free Follow Ups 

The major problem with paper business cards as they were hardly kept by the receiver. Some used to put them in a drawer or somewhere else right after receiving them. Others might keep it with them, but there is no assurance that they will be revisited. Business cards online solve this big problem and don’t let your information get lost in the shuffle. It remains in the receiver’s inbox and can be easily added to the workflows. It allows you a chance to follow up more simply and efficiently. Overall, it even contributes to the development of more robust connections. 

4.Contactless Sharing

In this era of digitization, online meetings and virtual events are part and parcel of every brand. Virtual business cards fit right into the professional online networking space. You get the flexibility to share electronic cards via digital channels like email, social media, text, or others. Some business card maker tools even allow the feature of QR code integration. It makes the sharing simpler by merely sharing the QR code. You can even put up the business card QR code during meetups or events. Anyone can scan them during the call and get complete information about you or the brand. All they need is a smartphone to access your details. Contactless sharing is also a new normal in day-to-day life. The digital cards will retain functionality with no need for physical connection or contact. 

5.Professional Statement

As you share a digital business card, it makes a professional image and statement about you/your brand. It communicates that you’re well-versed in technological changes. Moreover, it makes contact storage easier for the recipient with no worry of losing it. The virtual card will stand out from the crowd while inspiring a new trend among others. However, no need to struggle as you’re already way ahead with digital cards. 

6.Easy Marketing 

Traditional or paper business cards can only portray the impression as they come in contact with the recipient. The quality and design of the paper card also matter a lot in presenting credibility and high-quality services/products of the company. On the other hand, digital cards impress the recipients while keeping you standing out in the crowd. These contactless cards make the business look different. 

Designing a custom virtual business card can assist as a direct marketing tool. In the world of search engine optimization, email marketing, and other strategies, business cards turn out to be unique and effective. Moreover, you can easily share them with anyone without any limitations. Let the prospects store the contact information easily and connect with you whenever needed. 

Designhill Virtual Business Card Maker – Create, Customize & Share 

Digital business cards are effective to embark on interactions or share contact details on social networks. Since they’ve access to the QR code scanner, the recipient has zero trouble in storing or accessing the details. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most effective and reliable means to share links or information. But, how can you create one for yourself or your brand? 

Designhill digital card maker is a worthy online tool to create, customize, and update business cards. It is one of the most innovative tools that offers unique and trendy business cards. Whether you’re a personal brand, business brand, or any professional use, the card maker is the go-to choice. It is somewhat similar to the miniature website with all relevant contact information. 

The electronic business card with this tool comes with customization flexibility. You can make the changes or update information anytime in the future. The interactive digital cards are convenient, affordable, and professional in all regards. All you need to do is make a few clicks to end up getting a business card of your own. Keep modifying and sharing it with others to grow your brand among more people.

Match the pace of digitization with the growing networking opportunities like business cards. It is the contactless way to share your contact information. Moreover, it limits the physical gap and enhances reach over online space. Regardless of your industry, niche, or customers, a digital business card puts you forward as the industry leader. 

So, what are you waiting for, add logo design and create your branded digital business card today! Start sharing to make a professional image and grasp every opportunity to grow your social network. 


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