5 Must-Have Truck Accessories For The Next Trip You Take In Your Ford


Pickup trucks—especially Ford trucks—are an iconic American machine. People from all walks of life enjoy driving around, hauling things, and generally making use of wonderful vehicles. But a truck is only as good as its maintenance and parts. That’s why you need to pay meticulous detail to how you’re upgrading and maintaining your vehicle. Whether you’re in the market for a few new accessories or looking to do a complete overhaul, now’s a good time to dive into the world of upgrading your Ford truck. Here are five awesome must-have accessories to help you get the most out of the next trip you take in your Ford truck. 

Suspension Lowering Kits

Suspension——the part of your truck that allows the tires and axles to move independently—helps your truck absorb impacts and bumps, so taking care of it is obviously quite crucial. But it’s also fun and practical to lower your suspension sometimes. There are plenty of reasons for this. Maybe you’re changing the tire size or going to be doing some off-roading. Either way, suspension upgrades are just another fun part of being a truck owner. A lower suspension can make for an amazing aesthetic and performance change in your vehicle. Suspension-lowering kits lower the suspension on your truck by adding lift spacers and longer shocks (or struts) to increase ground clearance. It’ll also improve the vehicle’s handling and performance, making it a must-have accessory for your Ford. 

A New Bumper

If you’re going to be traveling in your Ford truck, it is important to ensure that the vehicle is well-equipped with an appropriate bumper. Bumpers are designed to absorb impacts and protect the truck’s body from damage. If you drive off-road, it’s even more important to have a strong bumper. You wouldn’t want rocks and other obstacles to fly up and damage your vehicle! You can get brand-new bumpers or even go aftermarket. Aftermarket bumpers offer plenty of variety. Composite plastic and steel are the two most common choices. They’re also fun to accessorize. Paint them in unique colors, put decals on them, or add a tow hitch or winch. Just be sure to pay attention to how they’re going to fit on your Ford and whether or not they’ll look good after they’re installed.

Anti-theft Devices

Theft can be a major problem with any vehicle. Some vehicles and parts of vehicles tend to be targeted more frequently than others. Catalytic converter theft, for instance, has been growing at an alarming rate over the past few years. And it’s just going to get worse. To protect yourself from potential theft, it’s only practical to install an anti-theft device.  Anti-theft devices come in many shapes and sizes but all have one thing in common: they help deter thieves. But keeping them away from your vehicle is only part of the solution. You need to choose the right systems to accomplish the task. Common anti-theft devices include alarm systems, steering wheel locks, engine immobilizers, key lock-outs, and many other options. Anti-theft devices can cost anywhere between $100-$2000 depending on what kind of device you get and how much security you desire, so be sure to budget appropriately. They’re easy to install yourself, too, unless you’d prefer your mechanic to do it. Ultimately, anti-theft devices will keep you safe and you should have them on your Ford at all times.

Tonneau Cover

Every Ford needs a Tonneau cover. Okay, that might be a bit of hyperbole, but the truth is a tonneau cover is extremely useful for any journey. Tonneau covers are soft covers that fit over the bed of a truck. They protect it, keep your stuff inside the bed, and can deter theft. The extra storage space you get with a cover on your truck is just a bonus. Covers are typically made from PVC or vinyl, but they can be hard plastic or metal (predominantly aluminum) as well. They also come in different styles, such as covers that roll up and covers that you simply put over the truck bed. Depending on how you plan to use it, you should consider getting a hard or soft shell cover to keep your truck safe and looking good. When you’re looking for the best 2015 Ford F150 parts and covers (or any other recent model for that matter), be sure to add a Tonneau cover to the mix today.

Multimedia Upgrades

There are many ways you can enhance the performance of your truck. Upgrading your multimedia system is one of the best. There’s nothing like blasting music as you drive down the highway. Unfortunately, many trucks have older stereos that might have modern features like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Luckily, there are plenty of Ford multimedia upgrades available to help you customize your multimedia systems. Aside from the entertainment aspect, you can add other types of tech to your truck. Cameras are great for helping you back up and pressure readers can automatically alert you to low tire pressure before you end up with a flat. Upgrading your truck’s tech is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle safe, comfortable, and fun.


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