Are You Holding Your Sales Team Back from Their Full Potential?


If you oversee a sales team, you probably want to do everything you can to help ensure your team is successful. However, there could be a few things that you are doing – or not doing – that are making it challenging or even impossible for your sales reps to reach their full potential.

From failing to provide education to your sales rep, such as the sales enablement definition, to withholding motivation, keep reading to learn some of the biggest mistakes you should avoid if you want your sales team to succeed.

Not Creating an Environment of Accountability

When sales rep understands they will be held accountable for their results, they will be more motivated, perform better, and be more focused. It’s important to realize that holding your team members accountable requires more than just setting individual quotas. It’s important to check in with sales reps often to ensure they are still on track to meet the goals set. It’s also beneficial to create micro-goals, which lead to larger goals.

Let them take the wheel when you check in with your sales reps. You should create an expectation that they discuss their progress details and what they may be struggling with. It’s important for your sales reps to feel like they can be honest about you regarding what needs to happen for them to close more deals. If you have reps who cannot keep up with the goals set, then you need to create a plan to help them get back on the right track.  

Failing to Create a Detailed Process to Qualify Prospects

If you don’t have a detailed process for qualifying prospects, it can cause many problems for your sales reps. For example, if reps aren’t using, or don’t have access to, a sound forecasting method, their sales will likely fail most of the time.

If you want to help them avoid this issue, make sure you set clear standards for qualifying prospects. Also, make it clear to your entire team that the prospects being considered to have to meet the detailed criteria if they are going to be included in the sales projections. If you still have situations where sales reps are over-projecting, it is probably because there is something wrong with your system.

Not Focusing on Coaching

You may have sought a job in management because you are a good seller. If you notice that members of your team are making mistakes, you may want to come in and fix the problem. However, this management style keeps your reps from learning anything and becoming more self-sufficient. If you see a struggling team member, you can use it as a teachable moment.

Rather than providing the solution, ask your team member to think about the issue and figure out a better way to handle it. This will help encourage them to take ownership of the issues they encounter.

Your job as a sales manager is to ensure your team has the skills needed to make sales and achieve success. Do this by coaching them through problems rather than solving them on your own.

Avoid These Mistakes with Your Sales Team to Achieve More Sales

When building a successful sales team, there are more than a few factors for you to consider. Be sure to keep the information here in mind, which will help you know what mistakes you should avoid. In the long run, this is going to pay off and lead to more effective sales reps, which is going to result in more profits for your company. 


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