4 Tips for Creating Your Florida Dream Home


Having a home in Florida can be an absolute delight, especially if you’ve wanted one for years. Florida has beaches, theme parks, sun, and constant summer. What more could a homeowner want? Once you’ve got your home, you’ll need to start decorating with Florida in mind. If you’re new to this aesthetic, here are four tips for creating your Florida dream home.

  1. Let The Sunshine In

Hair reference aside, Florida is a bastion of light. Even on rainy days, the Sunshine State still usually lives up to its name. Because of this, you’ll want to get as much natural light as possible into your home. One thing to focus on is the source of light in the area. If you want the afternoon sun to stream through your windows, you’ll need the windows to face the right direction.

You may also want to add more windows to your home, especially if you need to rely on lamps during the day. Many residents do this by building a sunroom. This type of space not only lets in a lot of light, but also provides an excellent relaxation spot. If you’re worried about the expenses involved, be sure to research Florida room cost.

  1. Use Natural Supplies

One of the best ways to create a legitimate beach house is to use natural supplies. Since you live in the Sunshine State, you don’t need to buy fake shells or plastic palm trees. Every decoration in your home can be both real and inexpensive.

A great and completely free decoration to get is shells. You can use these items in a huge variety of ways. Shells can be placed on a shelf, hung on a string, used to fill a lamp base, glued to a chair or even turned into a pencil holder. Just be sure to thoroughly clean your shells beforehand.

Another thing to try is planting your own palm trees. While this activity takes a lot of work and dedication, it’s something that you can’t do in many other places. A palm tree can also be a great addition to your front yard! Be sure to read instructional blogs beforehand. While sturdy, palm trees are sometimes difficult to grow and maintain.

  1. Add Some Color

A beach house isn’t a beach house without a whole lot of color. Therefore, it’s essential to create a fun color scheme for your home. Start by investigating your current hues. Are there any large items that can’t be painted over or replaced? Do you have any wallpaper that needs to be taken down? If there are permanent colors, be sure to factor this into your planning.

Next, decide on one main color. Since this is a beach house, there are some optimal options to choose from. These are a few:

  • Aqua
  • Salmon
  • Light blue
  • Light green
  • Yellow
  • Light pink
  • Bright orange

Be sure that the color you choose is something you love. Next, you need to choose a few secondary colors. While these won’t be stand-outs, they can add some balance to your decor. If your main color is bright and bold, your other colors should be a bit less intense.

On the other hand, since you’re creating a fun vacation home, you can throw the rules out of the window! If you want splashes of neon pink and orange all over the place, go for it. Part of Florida’s charm is the wide range of colors you’ll see on beach houses.

  1. Create an Outside Space

One of the best parts about living in Florida is the weather. You can sit outside and enjoy nature at any time of the year! Because of this, no Florida dream home is complete without an outside space. If you have a balcony or a porch, you can easily use this area. If you don’t, no worries! You can always create a tiny sanctuary in your yard.

A great first step to take is buying outside furniture. If you’re going for a full beach house aesthetic, you may want to get some Adirondack chairs. On the other hand, if you want a more comfortable option, try looking for a lounge chair with cushions. Next, add some small decorations. Make sure that these items can endure a lot of rain!

Decorating a home is extremely personal and a ton of fun. Follow your heart, feel the Florida vibes and enjoy creating your dream home.


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