How to Best Reinforce Your Drawer Slides to Make Heavy Duty Drawers


Drawer slides can become very weak under heavy weight and must be reinforced. Carpentry and woodworking are trade skills often used in the building industry and are helpful to incorporate into your home. In addition, a DIY project is useful for adding features and fixtures to your house. Here we will give you some insights on reinforcing your drawer slides using wood and other materials.

1. Reinforce with Wood

If you are dealing with exceptionally heavy drawers, it may be necessary to reinforce them with wood. Start by cutting your wood to the correct size and length, depending on the project. It is important to trim it down so that its shape is the same as your drawer slide. Next, lightly sand down the edges of your wood with fine-grit sandpaper to ensure that they are smooth and straight. Next, nail them in place using a hammer. Be sure to place nails on both sides of the wood supports so they do not move around and strengthen the drawers’ frame holding it all together. For added strength, you can add another layer of wood.

2. Use Plastic Plates

Layers of plastic plates can work as a sturdy support system. Cut them down to fit onto your drawer slides. After you have added the plastic, you can make them stable by using additional screws. The plates will allow the weight to be evenly distributed, making it much easier to open and close the drawers. You can buy these plates at home improvement stores. When choosing the plates, match them to the thickness of your drawers. 

3. Reinforce with Metal Brackets

Metal brackets offer a simple solution for heavy drawer slides. You can purchase a pack of these and attach them to your drawers. An excellent way to connect them is by using screws or bolts. These metal brackets can hold the weight and make it easy to open and close the drawers and doors. You can choose a heavier gauge to give your drawer slides more support. During installation, ensure that the brackets are level and straight. Keep the wood in place and nail them in. If you are using a heavier gauge, drill holes with a pilot hole bit so they can be adequately secured. The holes should be drilled deep enough so the screws or bolts will securely hold the brackets.

4. Use Rivet Spikes

Rivet spikes are a quick and easy solution. All you need is to get spikes made with metal, preferably steel. These spikes lock into place and fit into the hole on a metal plate. They are commonly used in buildings and other projects, especially in high-traffic areas. The spikes can be purchased at many hardware stores for a relatively low price. Ensure you drill holes before inserting the bolts to get the best results. Some high strength drawer slides also come with built-in bolts. It may be all you need for some projects to ensure that your drawers remain strong.

5. Use Grommets

Grommets have built-in gaskets and clips that will hold up the slides and prevent them from falling apart. They are widely used in many manufacturing, furniture, construction, and engineering industries. You can use them for drawers or items such as boxes that need to be adequately secured. First, find the correct-sized grommet depending on the size of your drawer slides. Drill holes into your wood to ensure that it can fit snugly. If you are using a plate, then make sure that the holes are punched on the face side of the plate. It will allow you to push and lock it, so the gasket supports it.

The Bottom Line

To achieve a professional look, paint your drawers. After the painting is completed, you will want to sand down the edges and carefully paint again so that the final product looks good. For a more DIY approach, you can also attach a few shelves to make it look better within your home’s décor. Research to find which method works best for your project.



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