How To Play The Genshin Impact?


Are you looking for a new and exciting video game to play? If so, you should check out the Genshin Impact! This game is quickly gaining popularity, and for a good reason. It is an incredibly fun and challenging experience.

Teyvat is a vast realm, and during Genshin Impact, you must explore it “from” and “to” by completing various objectives and missions. We decided to make a handbook with some tips for novices to assist players in beginning their journey.

The free-to-play game Genshin Impact unleashes an open-world RPG game to PC, Playstation, and mobile devices. The massive world has a lot to offer adventures, but there are quite a few systems and mechanics to familiarize yourself with, which can be a little overwhelming. 

Genshin Impact is teaming up with features and things that are easy to pass by. This guide covers them completely, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

Starting Characters

You start the game as the Traveler (male or female). You will meet various characters with different skill sets who can join your group. The first three heroes you’ll encounter are Amber, Kaia, and Lisa. Ember is one of the worst heroes in terms of skill sets, which means that if you choose her, your group won’t be as strong as it could be.

Moreover, you can replace your group’s lead character with another ally you have discovered (if your squad has five members or more). This way, you will still be able to finish the story quests without any issues because active characters are only treated as “avatars.”

By offering an array of rewards, Genshin Impact encourages players to make microtransactions. These transactions unlock additional characters, weapons, and resources; however, the standard way to obtain heroes is through Prayers for the Fulfillment of Wishes.

The player is rewarded with Fate, a digital currency that can be earned in-game by exploring the game world and completing objectives for performing these invocations. After you’ve used up all of your gems and feel the need to purchase more money (assuming all other options have also been exhausted), spending real money becomes the only alternative available. However, it’s worth noting that no players are required to make in-game purchases; you may play Genshin Impact without spending any money at all.

Find out which Genshin Impact character you are by clicking on the link below.

Anemocules And Geocules

Geocules and Anemocules are floating objects that can be collected to increase the rank of Statues of the Seven. Geocules are found in Li Yue Harbor while Anemocules are for pumping statues in the Mondstadt region.

You’ll be able to find these resources as stars on your minimap. They’re often hidden well or in difficult-to-reach places.

Water Walks

You won’t be able to swim too far at first because your stamina will not be sufficient. For example, take a look at the area to the right of Mondstadt, where there are several riches, and an intriguing quest becomes available. Keia’s elemental talent will come to the rescue in situations like this.

The Ice Magician uses this spell to create ice on which he may freely walk. The cooling time of this skill is brief, making it ideal for its continuous casting: the ice beneath your feet will not have time to melt before you create a new one.

Game Events

Even if the same event is held numerous times, it’s possible that significant modifications will be made. New locations or new objectives are frequently added to keep the game fresh and interesting even after many people have completed it.

You can get different values for active participation in in-game events, like materials to upgrade heroes and weapons, blueprints to decorate the Kettle of Serenity, and–most importantly–programs. These programs can buy prayers that summon new heroes and weapons.

Also, in many memorabilia events, you may get a variety of unusual goods that can’t be obtained in other ways – for example, a two-handed sword shaped like a fish or a firecracker that shoots fireworks.

Change Characters Often, Especially In Combat

In Genshin Impact, a team of four characters is utilized, which the player creates. Only one hero can be on the field at any moment, while the rest are shown as replacements and can be substituted at any time.

To combat effectively, you must build a team that incorporates their abilities and ties to the elements. There are seven types of elemental damage in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and many of them are paired.

If you apply the wind element’s skill through the fire, for example, it will transform into a fiery whirlwind, a frost hit on an enemy who has previously been doused with water will turn it into ice, and so on. As a result, using skilled squad recruitment and change during battle to fully unleash the team’s combat potential

You can also create powerful combos using the Combat Skill, similar to an ultimate move. Each hero has one, and a special icon will light up next to the hero’s name when it becomes available. To activate a Combat skill instantly, you need to use the Alt + hero number keybinding.

Don’t Buy This!

The Promogems are the premium currency that does not farming quickly in Genshin Impact, especially if there are no active events and the game world has been fully explored and quests have been completed.

Source Stones should not be used on such things as Fateful Encounters (prayers for a permanent banner) or other nonsense. The only thing worth buying is Intertwined Fates, which may be purchased with heroes and weapons from time-limited banners.

Make Marks On The Map

In the world of Teyvat, there are many secrets yet to be discovered. Try thinking outside the box if you find yourself stuck on a riddle with no apparent solution. Maybe you need a certain elemental ability or better equipment. Or maybe you just need to think more creatively.

The reason for delaying the solution can be secreted on the map and returned to later when it is more convenient. You can also use tags for rare items you want to recollect after respawning. In total, you are able to set up 99 tags.

Daily Activities

If you take a break from Genshin Impact but still want to participate in the game, you can do a few daily activities. These include completing four daily tasks (for which you’ll receive 60 promoted gems) and spending Primordial Resin (crescents). You can accumulate up to 160 units of Primordial Resin on one account, which is restored in about 24 hours.

If you complete the Arteries of the Earth, weekly bosses, relics, and goods for exalting heroes and weapons in dungeons, as well as collect valuables after completing challenges, then this is spent. It doesn’t matter what you spend the resin on; you’ll need all of your farmed resources over time. This activity takes 15-20 minutes in real-time.

Reputation in the Region

The NPC in charge of a region (Mondstadt, Li Yue, Inazuma, or Sumeru) may gain a reputation by completing villagers’ requests and hunting monsters. There are three weekly tasks that must be completed. The counter is reset every Monday. Reputation is also increased for finishing offside activities.

Each reputation rank (up to 10) yields you a variety of beneficial goods, including blueprints for crafting and alchemy, recipes for meals, name cards for the profile, and personalized regional wings with the appropriate design. They are merely beautiful and have no purpose.

What Else Should You Know

Always stop to collect every aminoculum that is nearby. These collectibles can be exchanged at the Statue of the Seven and leveled up. In return, they will give many rewards, including additional stamina. Statues of the Seven are located all over the world and are easy to find.

To avoid forgetting an important goal, and for extra resources, finish all the mini-objectives in the Adventure Book. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to do next, it’s worth taking a look.

Develop the entire group in proportion. The level of a dungeon is limited by the average level of your party.


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