4 Things To Think About Before Offering Remote Work Opportunity

4 Things To Think About Before Offering Remote Work Opportunity

Many companies around the world are moving to remote work options to save money on commercial real estate rentals. Recent technological advancements make it possible to manage employees from all over the world instead of requiring them to work in an office, but there are several unique challenges that come with having remote workers. If you are thinking about moving to remote work, think about these four things before offering the opportunity to your employees.

1. Do You Have a Good Management Platform?

There are many websites that help with team management. These websites keep your employees on the same page regarding company projects and deadlines, so they are essential for remote teams. There are many platforms to choose from, and because they all have various benefits and disadvantages, you should carefully select one based on the unique needs of your company. Look at a Monday.com alternative.

2. Can You Be Flexible With Business Hours?

In an office setting, you can dictate the hours that your employees work. You may expect them to work during traditional business hours, or you may open up the office for them to make up any missed work on the weekends. However, you have little say over the working hours of remote employees. One of the biggest advantages of working remotely is having the opportunity to set your own schedule, and unless you need your workers to take shifts to answer phone calls, there is no reason to dictate when they work. If the work is getting done, you shouldn’t care about the business hours your workers hold. Some may work during standard business hours while others may prefer to complete assignments at night once their kids are asleep. If these schedules are not affecting productivity, you shouldn’t care about when your employees work.

3. Can You Communicate Effectively?

Good communication is important in any business environment, but it is absolutely essential when you are managing remote workers. You must have a way to communicate so that you can set clear expectations about work-related projects. Most remote teams use e-mail communication, but you can also consider phone calls and Zoom meanings to keep up with various projects and make sure that all of your workers stay on the same page.

4. Do You Have a Clear Chain of Command?

Employees may have questions or concerns about the company whether they work remotely or in an office. In an office setting, the chain of command is usually clearly outlined so that people know who to go to when they have a question. If you have a team of remote workers, you need to clearly outline the chain of command. If you are the only senior worker, make sure you are available to answer any questions or concerns about the projects your employees work on.

Managing a team of remote employees is not easy. Knowing what to expect can make your endeavors successful. If you can answer these questions affirmatively, you are ready to take on the challenge of remote work.


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