How to Play Poker Without a Dealer


Many beginners do not know who a poker croupier is or what functions he performs at the table. It is an employee of an offline casino responsible for the distribution of cards within the distribution. He must manage the stakes and control the amount of the total bank, which is formed after rounds of betting between the participants. Many people think playing without a dealer is unrealistic, but this is not true. An example of this is an online casino and a dealer chip. But first, you need to figure out who the dealer is.

Basic actions

The dealer is not only the one who deals with the cards in poker. Although poker can be played without this person, you need to know what he does for a more successful game. His responsibilities include a whole set of actions in each round of trading. Talking about online casinos, it’s easy to win without a deal because of bonuses. Everyone can use All Star Slots bonus and build their strategy to win. This way, players can learn how to play and win easily. One person always performs dealer duties at the table. However, during the evening in a club or casino, these employees have the right to replace each other.


It is necessary to mix the cards thoroughly so that the new game is dynamic and exciting in terms of probabilities. If you shuffle the deck weakly, similar combinations from the last hand (for example, a similar suit) may open on the table. Many croupiers practice their technique in training. Offline casinos and poker clubs use shuffle machines that shuffle the deck automatically.

Card Distribution

From the shuffled deck, the croupier distributes two pockets to the participants. This process is carried out clockwise. Usually, 1 card is dealt. In Texas Hold ’em, you need to go through 2, and in Omaha – 4 circles.

Determination of the winner

After the river, the croupier must announce the combinations made and say who won. This person takes chips from the current pot. If similar combinations were made, then the casino representative divided the amount of the bank between several participants equally.

Working with chips

If, at the time of the bet, the poker player laid the stack on the table and did not say the amount, the croupier is obliged to calculate it and announce this number aloud. The same goes for an all-in. When the player tells it and puts all the chips on the table, the casino employee sums them up. The result is announced to everyone present. When an additional pot appears, the croupier divides the chips into two piles and sets them aside.

How to play without a dealer?

Many people think that playing without a dealer is unrealistic, but there is a special chip that can help with this. To use the chip, you need to gather players and decide who will start.

What does a dealer chip mean?

In an amateur home game, participants sometimes make various mistakes at the table. For example, they may start handing out pockets, although poker players have not yet reached their turn. It is a big mistake. The dealer chip is designed to exclude such incidents. It is set for a poker player distributing cards. In each new game, the chip moves.

What the chip looks like 

Since the croupiers are people who can also make mistakes, the chip began to be used in the casino. It turns out that the poker players themselves did not deal with the change, but it was moved clockwise. For the casino representative, it served as a sign that did not let you forget which participant needed to lay out the first card and who should post the blinds. Poker rooms also use a button. They were so called by analogy with the position in front of the small blind. According to the rules, this is where the croupier could sit if he were a participant in the distribution. The button is the most advantageous position in terms of strategic advantage.


Now it’s clear who a poker dealer is. It is an important person at the table who monitors the stages of trading and the actions of the participants. He controls the process of the game and distributes pockets to all poker players, and opens the board. The croupier must have impeccable knowledge of the rules, the accuracy of work, and an instant reaction in any unexpected situation. In online poker rooms, a computer program is responsible for all these actions, which a priori does not allow errors. All bets and winnings are distributed among the participants automatically. And if you do not want to play with the dealer, you can use the dealer chip or the dealer button, which replaces the dealer’s presence entirely.



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