Enjoy Youthful-Looking Skin with A Cosmelyft In New York


As you approach your 50s, your skin alters its texture and look. Not only might you experience skin drooping, but you could also start developing fine lines and wrinkles. Regrettably, your face is often one of the first areas to show the effects of aging. Thus, these aging signs could significantly affect your confidence and self-esteem. However, thanks to advancements in cosmetic care, you can reduce the aging process on your neck and face. COSMELYFT Woodbury is a non-intrusive procedure that combines innovative products and therapies to eliminate common aging signs. Read on to learn more.

What Services Does a Cosmelyft® Include?

Cosmelyft® incorporates multiple services and procedures to get the desired result. Recent research by aesthetic specialists proves there are little-to-no negative effects associated with neck and face therapy. Nevertheless, before undergoing a Cosmelyft®, you must present your health record and undertake a thorough body and skin examination.

The primary purpose of this post-treatment exam is to identify variables that may prevent you from receiving skin therapy. Even though Cosmelyft® is a trademarked, institution-approved treatment regimen, patients must be in excellent health to qualify.

Some common concerns that could exclude you from a Cosmelyft procedure include skin hyperpigmentation, discoloration, diabetes, or cancer. In these situations, your specialist will first address your concern or refer you to a specialist before proceeding with your therapy.

Your Cosmelyft procedure will include one or more of the following services:

1. Laser Therapy

With laser therapy, your physician utilizes a gadget that emits laser beams to promote collagen proteins within the skin. Whereas the rays delve deep into the skin to encourage collagen synthesis, the procedure is painless. However, patients with sunburns might experience skin irritation.

2. Injectables and Fillers

An injectable is a minimally intrusive procedure. Throughout therapy, your physician injects a solution (typically, hyaluronic acid) into the skin surrounding the targeted region. The injected solutions prevent recurrent facial expressions that, with time, result in the emergence of fine lines, wrinkles, and drooping skin. Injectables are perfect for addressing the modest aging signs that other techniques like lasers cannot address.

3. HydraFacial 

Hydrafacial is a skin therapy that eliminates dead skin cells and purifies pores. Your physician utilizes a specialized lotion to tighten your face and neck skin. This treatment is painless, appropriate for both women and men, and generally takes about 30 minutes.  

4. Microblading

Microblading rebuilds your eyebrows using small needles and healing ink. After the procedure, you might experience soreness near your eyebrows. Although the therapy’s benefits are visible in as little as 2-3 days, the complete treatment effect is noticeable after several weeks.

Your looks have a great impact on your self-perception confidence. Cosmelyft is an affordable and quick alternative to plastic surgery for achieving aesthetic goals. For safe and effective Cosmelyft® procedure in New York, look no further than COSMEDOCTOR. Aesthetic specialist Dr. Darly Katz and her expert staff take a holistic but individualized care approach to ensure your procedure meets your expectations. Call the Woodbury, NY office or request an appointment online to discuss your concerns today.

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