Betting on NFL Games In 2022 (Ultimate Guide)


The 2022-2023 NFL season is underway. There are now more than ever plenty of ways to bet on NFL games. Newcomers get access to welcome bonuses that’ll match their first deposit.

There might be a record 46.6 million Americans betting on NFL games in 2022.

The season opener on Thursday night saw a 77% increase in online betting from last year.

The NFL dominates with an estimated $100 billion in bets through licensed sportsbooks.

Here’s a betting breakdown of America’s favorite sport.

Best NFL Betting Sites

What is the best way to bet on NFL games? That depends on personal preference and your jurisdiction.

There are now 30 states in the U.S. with live or legal sports betting. If you live outside those areas, you’ll get access to offshore betting sites.

Some great options include BetUS,, and Bovada.

To get started, you’ll want to go with a sportsbook that suits you. Develop an NFL betting strategy to help you manage your bankroll.

Test out different sportsbooks to find one you feel most comfortable with.

What are the easiest football bets to win?

NFL Betting Options: Moneyline, Spread, Totals (Over/Unders)

Once you register at an online sportsbook, you can make your first deposit. Now that you’re ready to go, you’ll need to choose from the most common betting options.

Let’s use Thursday Night Football for Week 2 as an example.

Los Angeles Chargers (+135) at Kansas City Chiefs (-160). These are the current Moneyline odds at Bovada.

For the Moneyline, you’ll bet on which team you think will win the game.

Using a sports betting odds calculator, you’ll see that the Chiefs come favored to win at home. (Their implied probability is 61.54%.)

Bet $10 on the Moneyline for the Chiefs to win $6.25.

Say you prefer to bet on the Chargers as the underdog. That same $10 bet might win you $13.50.

Wagering on the favored team earns you less than your bet—Vice versa for betting the underdog.

NFL Spread Betting: Chargers (+3.0) vs. Chiefs (-3.0)

The point spread for the game is 3.0 with both teams getting -110 odds. As the underdog, the Chargers get three points.

You’ll need the favored team to win by four or better to win the spread. The underdog must come within three points in the final score.

Here’s an example:

Los Angeles Chargers – 27
Kansas City Chiefs – 29

In that scenario, the Chiefs won the game outright (Moneyline). But the Chargers covered the spread (27+ 3 = 30).

A $10 bet at -110 odds = $9.09. That win amount might change depending on the sportsbook you use.

If you bet the Chiefs to cover, they’d need to win by four or more to cover the spread.

If the spread ends up as a tie, that equates to a “Push.” In gambling, a push is a tie. Your bet gets returned.

NFL Totals (Over/Unders): O 53.0 (-110) vs. U 53.0 (-110)

Betting the over/under is a wager on the combined total score. If you think the final score will add up to more than 53, you will bet the over.

In the previous example, the total score adds up to 56—the over wins.

Betting the under is a wager on the final score resulting in less than the O/U line.

If the final score ties the O/U, it’s a push.

NFL Futures: 2022 NFL MVP

Besides proposition (“prop”) bets—live betting—you can place wagers on futures. For example, you may bet on who will win the MVP.

The best way to bet on the NFL MVP comes from a bit of knowledge of the game.

Here are the latest MVP odds from

  • Josh Allen +480 (Buffalo Bills, QB)
  • Patrick Mahomes +750 (Kansas City Chiefs, QB)
  • Tom Brady +820 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, QB)
  • Justin Herbert +890 (Los Angeles Chargers, QB)
  • Aaron Rodgers +950 (Green Bay Packers, QB)
  • Joe Burrow +1150 (Cincinnati Bengals, QB)
  • Russell Wilson +1325 (Denver Broncos, QB)
  • Dak Prescott +1475 (Dallas Cowboys, QB)
  • Lamar Jackson +1725 (Baltimore Ravens, QB)
  • Matt Stafford +2000 (Los Angeles Rams, QB)

As you can see, the MVP favorites are all quarterbacks.

A $100 bet on Josh Allen to win the MVP would pay $480. The same bet on Matt Stafford would pay $2,000.

These odds change throughout the season. Get your best value by betting early.


To get better at betting on NFL games in 2022, give yourself time to learn. Practice bankroll management by betting 1-5% of your bankroll per wager.

Only bet what you can afford to lose. Take breaks if you catch a losing streak.

Always bet with your head. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun.

Why not get started with your first deposit today?


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