Thoughtful Ways to Congratulate Someone



Life is better when we celebrate. We should learn to celebrate more often – small things, big things, and everything in between. But even when we do it, sometimes figuring out how to celebrate, or what to say, is the challenging part. Here are some ideas. Send a custom floral arrangement. Nothing communicates congratulations quite like a custom floral arrangement sent directly to the person’s office or doorstep. Not only is this a tasteful way to let someone know you’re thinking about them, but it’s fairly easy and convenient. That depends on where you order your flowers, though. For best results, work with a local florist to get same-day flower delivery. By going directly to a local outfit, you can ensure you’ll get the freshest possible quality at the best price. Some local florists allow customers to order flowers online and have them delivered the same day. But you may also call if you need to speak to someone directly about a custom arrangement.

Mail a handwritten note. There’s nothing wrong with firing off a quick congratulatory email or text message, but it isn’t terribly special. It might even feel a little cheap. But a handwritten note? Now that shows a touch of class. “In today’s world, instant communication through emails, social media and text messages is commonplace, while receiving a handwritten card or letter in the mail is rare,” business owner Daryl Forkell explains. “Even though technology has changed the way we communicate, receiving a handwritten, personalized note still touches our emotions in a way instant communication tools can only dream about.” Here are several tips for writing first-class handwritten notes:

  • Take your time. Don’t rush yourself. Writing a proper note takes time. If you try to speed through it, your haste will show in the form of poor phrasing and sloppy penmanship. Set aside at least 15 to 20 minutes to write your note. Think about what you want to say and move your pen with precision.
  • Choose the right note. Think about the occasion and choose a note accordingly. In some cases, a simple white note with your initials or monogram is appropriate. Other times, you might want to buy a printed or hand-made card. 
  • Use a nice pen. Don’t use a cheap ballpoint pen. Write with something that has a little more ink flow to it. In fact, you might want to purchase a nice pen just for the purpose of writing personal notes.

In terms of delivery, you can either put it in the mail or personally hand-deliver if possible and appropriate.

Send a subscription box. There are subscription boxes for every purpose and occasion. From food and cocktails to books and board games, you can find almost anything. The great thing about a subscription box is that the goodies come once every month (or quarter). So instead of giving a single gift, it’s like you’re giving multiple gifts over the course of an entire year. Talk about leaving a lasting impression!

Take them out to dinner. Sometimes quality time is the best gift you can provide. What better way to spend quality time with your friend or loved one than by taking them out to a congratulatory dinner on you? Choose a place with a suitable ambiance and make sure the conversation focuses on their accomplishment!

Throw a surprise gathering. If it’s a particularly big achievement – like securing an amazing job opportunity, retiring, or winning a major award – you can throw a surprise gathering that includes all of their friends, family, and co-workers. 

The key to a successful surprise gathering is to plan ahead and invite the right people. You may have to consult with a couple of other close friends or family members to come up with a winning guest list. Surprise gatherings aren’t for everyone. Make sure you’re sufficiently acquainted with the person to know whether they’d appreciate a substantial social event and being surprised. If this might not appeal to them, an intimate dinner with a small group of friends might be better.

Celebrate With Your People!

There’s way too much negativity, pain, frustration, and grief in this world not to celebrate the good times. When a friend, loved one, co-worker, or boss accomplishes something, take the time to say congratulations in a creative and thoughtful way. Your willingness to go above and beyond will lift up those around you and make you a positive light in the lives of those you care for. Are there any other creative options you would add to the list above?


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