The Best Surfing Beaches To Enjoy Your Leisure In The US!


Everyone wants to have fun as they enjoy leisure, and you do too, especially after a long work week. However, your fun doesn’t just depend on leisure but also on a great location and activities to match your fun energy. One activity to consider is surfing, and the US helps with several surfing beaches where you can enjoy the sport. Preparing to go surfing is one thing, but finding a close beach is another thing to consider when planning. So, let’s go ahead and check out some of the best surfing beaches you can visit right in the US.

Things To Consider When Visiting Surfing Beaches In The US

Planning a surfing trip is similar to planning many other trips despite the little differences; you need to note them. You have to consider which surfing beach interests you enough to visit and the costs that beach attracts when visiting. Another essential factor you should also include is transportation which will consist of costs, effectiveness, and efficiency of the option you pick. You can choose to use a private vehicle or get a Miami car rental Under 21 service for your trip to the beach. Purchasing a surfing kit is also vital to enjoying surfing in the USA; you need to get one. The last step is to sum up, the costs and match them to your budget to know your financial capacity.

Surfing Beaches To Consider In The US

The united states have several surfing beaches that you can drive down to enjoy a fun time with the sport. Some might be far from your current location, while others might seem pretty close, but they are all fun. With the details above, it gets even more fun once you have your plans for the surfing experience. Here are some surfing beaches you can check out as you rent a car in Miami.

1.  Oahu North Shore, Hawaii

If you are a fan of surfing, you should have heard about the North shore beach at some point. It’s the home to several prominent surfers, and you can ride the ranks too by being a regular there. The reason is that the North shore is home to frequent surfing tournaments and related competitions between locals. Waves here also get furious and rises with the momentum of the happy surfers you meet there, increasing the fun. It might get heated between the surfers and the waves, making you prefer to watch at some point. Oahu North shore is located in Hawaii, and marking this location signs you up for a fun experience.

2.  Huntington Beach, CA

A loud noise about being among the “best places for surfing in the USA” is what this location creates globally. It got the “Surf City USA” title and has been maintaining that title ever since with its attraction to waves. It comes off as a surfing haven with themes to match everyone who loves the sport. You can witness and experience the different surf establishments like schools, stores, and camps that help with your surfing journey. It gets better if you are a pet lover and surfer since you also experience pet surfing tournaments. So, come around with your furry beast and enjoy a master-pet wavy activity as you enjoy surfing in the USA.

3.  The Rockaways, NYC

One of the world’s best-surfing spots is the Rockaways in New York City. It’s an excellent option for you living in Manhattan since there isn’t a significant distance between the two locations. You might think the Rockaways went out of business due to the hurricane in 2012, but it’s back now. The Queens beach in New York City attracts rookie and expert surfers to it after its restoration till now. It has increased the list of renowned surfing beaches you can find in the United States to have fun. Drive to the Rockaways and get your surf suit from a store without letting the weather stop your fun.

4.  Hawaii Waikiki Beach

Hawaii hosts several surfing beaches in the United States, which is great news for you visiting. You get to try out several beaches of your choice, depending on the time you have on your hands. You should check out the Waikiki beach, a destination for many surfers passing through Hawaii. The significant part of this beach is that you don’t need to have all your equipment since you can get them there. You don’t miss an experience going from your surfboard purchase to suits and rash guards with the stores there. So, waste no time and go full speed to the beach as you dive into a fun location with surfers.


Surfing is a great sport; it gets more fun if you go with friends or your furry beast. The fun increases when you connect with other surfers and join heated tournaments to experience the challenge while surfing. However, ensure you plan your activities well, so the fun doesn’t take all the time and your finances. So, pick one surfing beach from the list above and enjoy a fun time while making memories on the beach.



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