Restaurant Furniture Guide: Choosing Restaurant Booths


Booths for restaurants are popular among restaurant owners and guests alike because they provide a comfortable seating option, beautiful aesthetics, and a private dining experience, making them an appealing addition to dining places. Creating an efficient restaurant booth plan will assist you in maintaining the appearance of your venue, whether it is a tiny cafe or a major franchise. In this fast-paced setting, you want clients to feel at ease while also allowing your servers to move around easily.


Why Choose Restaurant Booths for Your Restaurant?

How many times have clients requested a booth at your bar or restaurant? Booths are an excellent choice for any bar or restaurant for several reasons:


– Reduce traffic and reduce the need for servers to travel around all four sides of a table 


– Feel and look more comfortable than in a typical table setting.


– Give your consumers more privacy.


Understanding the many types, styles, and materials for restaurant booths is critical when deciding on the optimal seating configuration for your restaurant. We can assist you in finding and organizing restaurant booth seats, whether you are replacing current sitting with booths or have newly started a restaurant and are unsure where to begin.


A few significant criteria should affect your decision about which restaurant booths to select. In the area below, our Restaurant Furniture team has developed a list of top advice for selecting the best restaurant booth seating for your establishment.


Four Important Tips When Buying Restaurant Booths

When selecting booth seating for your restaurant, take into account the style of the booth, the materials used, and the shape of the booth.


  1. Match The Booth Style To The Style Of Your Venue


Restaurant booths express and complement your present décor. Plain back, country style, button tufted, bead board, V-back, channel back, and fan back are some of the options. Each style complements various home designs.


As an example:


  • In a retro-themed diner, V-back booths look great.


  • Button-tufted booths add an exquisite touch to a sophisticated dining establishment.


  • Beadboard booths are ideal for churches and other public gathering places.


  1. Match The Booth Material To The Design And Type Of Your Restaurant


Not only is the style of the booth crucial to consider; the material from which the booth is manufactured also has an impact on the ambiance of the restaurant. The majority of booths are built of wood, laminate, and upholstery. These various materials are employed to improve the aesthetics and comfort level of the booths.


Classic wood booths are built of easy-to-clean wood and give your institution a more contemporary and rustic vibe. Laminate booths are most typically found in diners and bars and have an easy-to-clean trim over a solid wood structure.


To create a comfortable dining experience, upholstery, such as vinyl or cloth, is utilized to cover the foam padding on both the seat and back of the booth’s wood frame. For example, vinyl padded booths are the greatest option for a family-friendly restaurant. Vinyl is easy to clean and resistant to stains, which are more likely with children.


  1. Understand How Many Visitors Can Fit In Each Booth Shape


A single booth has one bench. It easily seats two persons side by side.


Double Booth – Seats up to four people, with two seated side by side and two more sitting back to back.


½ Circle Booth – Standard dimensions are 48” x 90” x 48”. Can seat 4 people.

¾ Circle Booth – Standard dimensions of 48” x 90” x 90” x 48” can seat 6 people.


Wall Bench – Available in a variety of lengths, this booth is typically combined with restaurant table-and-chair sets, allowing for comfortable seating as well as adequate isle space for servers and customers.


L-Shape Booth – Typically utilized in corners to make the best use of available space.


Deuce Single Booth – Similar to a single booth, but 30″ rather than 48″ long. A single person booth is what it’s called (sits 1 person).


Deuce Double Booth – 30″ long as opposed to the regular double booth’s 48″ length. Allows two persons to sit next to each other.


  1. Consider Your Space Before Choosing Booth Sizes

When deciding on the size of restaurant bench seating to order, consider the amount of space available in your venue.


Smaller Venues: Consider wall benches, single and double booths if you have limited room. Wall benches mixed with restaurant chairs allow you to save space while comfortably seating more customers. If you own a small café, you may maximize your walk area by purchasing one of our single restaurant booth chairs and placing it against a wall. If you have a high-traffic setting, a double booth is a superior alternative because it includes back-to-back benches and thus can seat more people.


Large Venues: Custom restaurant booths are the finest solution for large and popular venues that cater to large customers. Large parties can be comfortably seated in half circle or three-quarters circle booths, especially when employing booth tables with a cut corner.


Restaurant booths are typically made of wood with springs and high-density foam seats and backs that are upholstered in fabric or vinyl. Some booths are entirely upholstered and padded, while others have a slightly padded back or an unpadded wood seat and back.


Finally, booths are a space-efficient, cost-effective addition to any venue. They are a popular seating choice that is intended to keep guests comfy!



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