How to use the glass files in the set?


It is not always possible to find time to go to the salon for a professional manicure, but what if you can achieve a Hollywood effect at home? It is enough to have nail file sets at hand and learn to use such tools freely. It’s easier than it seems. Over time, this skill only improves. So don’t worry about not going to the manicurist this week. Learn better how glass nail files work.

What is a glass file? In fact, it can be a great alternative to the work of a professional, because even at home you can make smooth edges of the nails, give them a beautiful shape and at the same time know that you use a completely environmentally friendly and safe tool. Replace wobbly disposable saws with a tool that will last you a long time. We will tell you more details now.

Benefits: why are glass nail files better?

Glass files have many advantages over emery boards. If you find it difficult to file your nails in only one direction, this is the best option, because you do not have to relearn. But in addition to the possibility of sawing in both directions, there are other advantages:

  • Glass has no pores, so germs and bacteria cannot hide during tool processing. This product is easier to disinfect.
  • A metal saw can rust, a paper saw can break, but nothing will happen to a glass saw.
  • If your nails are very delicate, there is no more careful and gentle way to care for them than a glass tool with a small grain.
  • Thanks to the unique design, the product retains its original abrasiveness for a long time, and because it is easily disinfected, the tool can be used for up to 6 months or even a year.

The main rule: do not use any abrasive tools on wet nails, as it becomes more difficult to maneuver, and the plate in this state is prone to delamination.

Should you choose a glass nail file for natural nails?

The answer lies in the question: how do glass nail files work? And even more precisely – it lies in the features of the surface of various pollen grains. Traditionally, the paper file is coated with super sandblasting. When such a file interacts with natural nails, microcracks and delamination may occur, especially if the nail is thin and weakened. This also happens after the master removes the shellac, as well as when the body lacks vitamins, and the nails become vulnerable to damage.

But even under such conditions, a glass file allows your nails to remain neat. It is grainy but hard and smooth at the same time. Thanks to this, the nails remain neat and tidy after the procedure. If uncoated nasturtium nails are too thin, just choose a file with an abrasiveness of 80-100 grit. There are options with higher abrasiveness: up to 200 grit, but they are intended for hard nails and shellac nail treatments.

Which glass file is the best?

Choosing a nail file is an individual process, but you should pay attention to a number of criteria:

  • Tip shape: rounded, suitable for polishing, pointed tip will allow you to easily remove dirt from under the nails.
  • Length. If you are used to carrying a nail file with you, choose a small one that will fit Lego in your handbag. Meanwhile, it is more convenient to use medium-sized products for a home manicure.
  • Anatomical shape, convenience. It is important that you can easily hold the product in your hands when doing a home manicure.

And once again pay attention to abrasiveness. You may need two options at once: hard for use on gel-coated plates, and softer for natural nails.

Are glass files suitable for pedicure?

The masters say that a glass file is optimal for a pedicure. It is much softer than paper and has a fairly soft texture. The risk of damaging the skin around the nail is much lower if you compare the product with conventional sandpaper. And remember how to use a glass foot file correctly: no matter what file you use, the shape of the toenail should be straight and slightly rounded. Where to avoid ingrown nail plates.

How to clean a glass nail file at home?

One of the popular questions is how long do glass files last? In general, the shelf life is unlimited. With active use, the file should be replaced after 6 months. If you take good care not only of your own nails but also of the file itself, it can last even longer – up to 1 year. Moreover, cleaning and disinfection are the basis of hygiene and your health, so you take care not only of the product itself but also of yourself.

How to clean a glass fingernail file correctly?

It is necessary to clean the file each time you use it. It is necessary to remove the remaining debris and kill the remaining germs on the surface so that they cannot get on your nail plate the next time you use it. You can clean the surface in different ways:

  • Wash in soapy water and dry.
  • Put in the dishwasher, it will cope best with cleaning, and at the same time the product will not lose its technical qualities, for example, abrasiveness.
  • Remove mechanical remains with a brush and treat with a disinfectant. There are special liquids for cleaning, they are sold in cosmetic stores. If you don’t have a bottle with such a liquid at hand, use ordinary isopropyl alcohol, it also kills germs and bacteria. The only difference is that special liquids contain a perfume composition.

A final tip: keep the file in its case, so it will last longer.


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