9 Celebs Who Smoke Weed Without Shame



9 Weed Smoking Celebrities

Half-Baked Hollywood

With the acceptance of cannabis at an all-time high, celebrities smoking weed is an increasingly common phenomenon.Music and movie stars are no longer afraid to open up about marijuana; some are even developing their own hybrid cannabis seeds (click here to see SeedSupreme site).

While it’s probably true that some well-known figures are latecomers to the party, others have always been shameless stoners. Read on to find out who’s making the green room even greener; some of the names may surprise you.

9 Weed Smoking Celebrities

Let’s get straight to it and run through this list of stoned superstars that give the term “high society” new meaning.

Bob Marley

The man who brought reggae to the world, was a devout Rastafarian and weed smoker. Marley considered marijuana to be a healing herb that facilitated self-reflection and development.

Many viewed cannabis as a drug in the cultural climate of the seventies, and Marley’s frank, open attitude toward marijuana confused many. He spoke out strongly against drug use, including tobacco and alcohol, while embracing the positive aspects of cannabis.

His message of self-reflection, meditation, and development through the use of weed struck a chord with many. Fifty years later, he’s still remembered as one of the most forward-thinking champions of cannabis.

Willie Nelson

Moving from reggae to country music, we encounter another OG celeb stoner. Willie Nelson and cannabis were inseparable in reality for a long time and still are in the minds of most. 

Willie has joined the ranks of celebrities who quit smoking weed due to his age. In his day, this veteran toker went toe to toe with the best. According to Snoop Dogg, he was the only celeb he encountered able to out-smoke him.

He might not toke these days, but he’s no less vocal about his support for cannabis. Nelson credits it with saving his life and turning him off a path of alcoholism. Today, he continues to fly the flag with his line of weed-infused teas and coffees.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop has never made a secret of his love of weed, regardless of its legal status. With a string of records praising the herb, his image has become irrevocably entwined with marijuana.

Snoop’s weed smoking hasn’t made him lazy either. He was among the first to jump into the canna-business world and continues growing his “hempire.” Leafs by Snoop sell buds, edibles, and oils, while Merry Jane produces cannabis-related media.

Among these productions are shows like Deflowered and Rolling with Rogen. The first is an interview show with celebrities smoking weed. The second is a beginner’s guide to all things weed hosted by Seth Rogen.

Woody Harrelson

This Natural Born Killers star, also happens to be a natural-born stoner. While he took a break from smoking for a period, Woody picked up the bong again after a run-in with Willie Nelson.

Harrelson is well known for his fondness for cannabis and his long-running activism. His high profile and love for weed earned him a spot on the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws board.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whether or not you agree with her, there’s no doubt that Whoopi Goldberg is forthright with her opinion. Some may have landed her in hot water, but most were on board when she revealed her use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Goldberg opened up about the positive effects she experienced after using medical marijuana. Whoopi’s another celeb branching into the cannabis industry with her latest venture, Emma & Clyde, selling cannabis-oriented accessories and pre-rolled joints.

Wiz Khalifa

The connection between weed and hip hop is no secret—there’s no end to the number of rappers dropping bud references amongst their beats. Wiz Khalifa is a young entrepreneurial celebrity known for smoking weed and making money from his stoner image.

Khalifa has successfully leveraged his fame and association with cannabis to release his strain called Khalifa Kush. He’s also making bank in the digital sphere, with a top-rated weed farming game making the rounds on smartphones.

Seth Rogen

This Pineapple Express lead is another one who’s made weed-smoking an integral part of his image. Playing plenty of buzzed characters, it’s hard to tell where the onscreen stoner Rogen ends, and the real one begins.

Rogen famously appeared on The Tonight Show during host O’Brien’s final season. When Conan asked for advice on what to do with his impending abundance of free time, Rogen suggested smoking weed.

Seth doubled down on his suggestion, producing a pre-rolled joint, which he handed to O’Brien amidst raucous applause. Despite clearly being unprepared for the bit, Conan dutifully blazed up on TV, creating one of his most memorable moments.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher has been vocal about numerous topics over the years, and cannabis is one he’s remained passionate about throughout. Maher repeatedly denounced anti-pot legislation in his standup acts and talk shows long before legalization.

Bill shares a position with Woody Harrelson on NORML in recognition of his long-term support for the cause. Speaking on legalization, funnyman Maher said he’s just happy he doesn’t have to carry buds in his underwear anymore.

Dave Chappelle

Anyone who’s seen the classic stoner movie Half Baked knows that whoever wrote it knew their weed. Chappelle has had a lifelong love affair with marijuana, and 420 humor regularly made its way into his sketches and movies.

In a 2004 High Times interview, Dave spoke in favor of legalizing cannabis and questioned its criminal classification. Chappelle seems to have reduced his consumption recently but says he still finds weed helpful in treating anxiety.

Half-Baked Hollywood

Weed-smoking celebrities come from all walks of life and show that smoking and success are far from incompatible. Whether they use it recreationally, medicinally, or to find inspiration, marijuana helps them contribute to entertainment and culture.

If you’re an aspiring artist, perhaps cannabis could enhance your creativity and make you the next superstar. Why not get some quality weed seeds, grow some buds, and see what happens?




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