The Beauty of Benalmadena

The Beauty of Benalmadena

As a foreigner, when you invest in property for sale in Benalmadena, you are about to be caught up in the magic of this city.

Benalmádena is a town in Spain that stretches from the Sierra de Mijas to the Mediterranean shore, covering over 30 kilometers with many Spanish property for sale Benalmadena is one of the most vibrant communities in the area. It is one of the most frequented towns on the Costa del Sol because of its breathtaking top coastline views, numerous attractions, and typical chiringuitos (beach bars) where you can taste the local cuisine and its proximity to Málaga.

Benalmádena town embodies tranquility with its attractive urban setting of tiny streets and plazas, while Benalmádena Costa offers a diverse range of vacation activities and a long coastline with 15 beaches. Arroyo de la Miel, which has experienced rapid expansion in recent years, is home to a wide variety of recreational activities that round out the destination’s offerings.

Benalmádena provides unique sights such as the Buddhist Enlightenment Stupa, Colomares Castle, and Bil Bil Castle. A Moorish-style structure sticks out in the coastal scenery because of its red tile ornamentation. In addition, residents of Benalmádena may visit the city’s three preserved watchtowers: Torre Bermeja, Torrequebrada, and Torremuelle.

To begin your exploration of the historic center, visit the Santo Domingo church, next to a lookout with a spectacular view of the coast. The Jardines del Muro, created by César Manrique, are located near this monument.

In Benalmádena, culture is expressed in a variety of ways. The Felipe Orlando Pre-Columbian Art Museum is a must-see for pre-Columbian art fans since it houses one of Spain’s top collections. 

In Benalmádena, culture is expressed in a variety of ways, which you can see as you stroll through town. The sculpture de la Nia (female sculpture) and La Fonda, whose building is presently occupied by a hospitality school, is another setting that captures the uniqueness of Benalmadena.

This forthcoming traveler town Benalmadena is a piece of the Malaga Province. Known for its normal magnificence and a decided organization that has outfitted the regular excellence to change the whole city into a lovely place of interest has turned into a fruitful endeavor. Presently, Benalmadena is one of the favored spots in the vacationer guide of Europe.

The ocean side:

This is one of the most alluring sea shores of Malaga. In reality, this oceanside is called Benalmadena Costa. The tall mountain simply inverses the ocean side and huge white in the middle between with immense stretch of rich green vegetation downhill has really upgraded the magnificence of the ocean side. The impeccably kept up ocean side with an assortment of water sports for individuals of any age has made the ocean side the favored objective of travelers. The bars and cafés which are spotted along the whole ocean side serve the most scrumptious conventional food of Benalmadena and obviously with the prestigious brand of Spanish wine.

The Mountain:

The town of Benalmadena is situated on this mountain confronting the ocean. The tight roads of the town with whitewashed houses present a tremendous view. The town likewise has a few structures which have verifiable significance. Obviously that from the highest point of the mountain the perspective on the ocean and of the spots around is something past clarification.

The Buddhist sanctuary:

Perhaps the greatest symbol (stupa) of Buddha on the planet estimated around 33 meters has been introduced in Benalmadena. The sanctuary is richly enriched. The sanctuary has a historical center that gives a brief look at the Buddhist way of thinking, culture, and furthermore the compositions of the incomparable Himalayan Mountain. This sanctuary gets guests consistently.

Castillo de Colomares:

This palace is an exceptional model which talks about the building greatness that individuals had accomplished hundreds of years prior. This most lovely structure gets the adulation from each and every guest. The walled garden called Jardines del Muro has upgraded the excellence of the structure. From the highest point of this palace, one can have an all-encompassing perspective of the mountain, the ocean and the spots around.

The outside hall:

This is really a piece of the Paloma Park known for its assortment of a portion of the intriguing types of plants. The very much spread out scene, vide strolling way, wellsprings and so forth has made this park perhaps of the most famous park nearby. The outdoor amphitheater has social exercises which are held routinely. Sufficient room has been accommodated the youngsters to play.


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