Is Zendaya Pregnant? Actress Reacts to Rumors

Is Zendaya Pregnant? Actress Reacts to Rumors

Is Zendaya pregnant became one of the top searches online because rumors suggest the actress is expecting. From Tweets to Instagram hashtags, there were so many theories that the actress reacted to it to end the discussion!

Is Zendaya pregnant? Actress responds!

The root of these pregnancy rumors is a fake TikTok video that went viral on social media. Zendaya, rocked her role and rose to fame after Euphoria season 2. The budding actress reacted to all the rumors via her Instagram stories.

Soon after the trending hashtag Zendaya pregnant covered Instagram, the actress said what she had to! Zendaya said that it is due to these reasons that she stays away from Twitter. She showed her disgust towards people who are making things up for no reason.

Various sources reported that the fake video that was viral all over social media was fan-made and made in such a way that it seemed that Zendaya was announcing her pregnancy.

It was a morphed one where we see the video shift to Kris Jenner’s video of dancing on Lady Marmalade. Due to this, viewers believed the false rumors.

Die-hard fans of Zendaya and Tom Holland soon flooded the internet to share the news. However, it isn’t true at all!

Fans started tweeting is Zendaya pregnant, and many said that their phone fell upon their face when they read the tweet.

Many also imagined Tom’s reaction to the tweet. They started a chain of memes that tried to imagine what Tom’s reaction would be like.

Zendaya and Tom Holland: close friends or lovers?

Since the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, rumors about the romantic connection of Tom Holland with Zendaya did the rounds.

Questions like is Zendaya pregnant and is Zendaya married have been circulating across all social media platforms.

When questioned about their current state in a relationship, none of them responded to the question.

The duo maintains silence on the matter, even though their spark is evident. However, once a few images leaked online showing the two of them kissing. Fans ascertained that the two have romantic interests!

Their presence in the media

Whenever they have spoken with the media, both have insisted that they are best friends.

Tom Holland always talks highly of her when he is interviewed or interacts with the media. He claims that it is tough for him to handle so much celebrity fame and that he often consults Zendaya for advice on how to proceed.

Tom said he called her and asked her how she thought he could handle all of his celebrity fame. He thinks of her as a wonderful companion.

Nevertheless, throughout the press tour for Spider-Man: Homecoming, people asked if they were in a relationship due to their connection. They have refuted rumors that they are dating, but insiders have revealed that they are concealing their relationship from the public.

Is Zendaya Pregnant? Actress Reacts to Rumors

Tomdaya and Sense of Humor

According to many sources, they take great care to conceal the fact that they are dating one another on the internet.

They make an effort to keep their private and public lives distinct. Yet at the same time, they enjoy spending time together and going on holidays together.

Fans are also in love with them because of the sense of humor they possess. The two are enormously successful celebrities who take their work seriously.

Nonetheless, the wonderful thing about them is that they can still make each other laugh and send a smile to the faces of millions of people across the globe.

The duo’s banter on the internet expresses their sense of humor and improv skills as actors!

At the same time, some sources claim that they attempt to divert attention away from relationships. So, using comedy and banter during press conferences acts as the savior.

Tom and Zendaya linked with others

The reports that Zendaya and her co-star Jacob Elordi dated one another is old news! The two did the TV series Euphoria together.

The series also made Zendaya a household name. They went into a relationship when they holidayed in Greece.

In February 2020, while in New York City, Jacob Elordi was found kissing Zendaya in public. However, they did not reveal their relationship back then. However, the media cancelled all speculations once Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi came together.

During July 2020, Holland uploaded images of his alleged girlfriend, Nadia Parks. After the lockdown in London, reports claim that Tom Holland and Nadia Park began living together. The duo secluded themselves from the world due to social distancing.

They both acknowledged that they were in a committed relationship. The couple was convinced that being in each other’s company would strengthen the link. Things were going smoothly between them.

However, as time went on, they became estranged from one another. According to other sources, it might have something to do with the relationship between Zendaya and Tom.

Is Zendaya Pregnant? Actress Reacts to Rumors

Tomdaya back together

The news that Zendaya and Tom could get back together made their supporters joyful and ecstatic.

Tom Holland has been associated with many celebrities in the past. It is impossible to state anything with absolute assurance about their connection.

In July 2019, Tom Holland was seen at the company of Olivia Bolton in Hyde Park, London, holding hands with her.

Despite this, it became quite evident that Bolton and Holland had parted ways in 2020. They were merely interested in developing their connection.

Is Zendaya engaged rumors real?

Zendaya was surprised when revealing her new hairstyle caused a commotion on social media. All she wanted to do was share her new look. However, something else caught the eyes of her fans.

On her Instagram story, she revealed her hairstyle to the world. Thursday, December 16, was the date of the post.

Although many followers were very happy with her amazing auburn bob hairstyle, many of them also noticed the diamond ring she was wearing on her ring finger.

In a short time, rumors like Zendaya engaged with her supposed boyfriend Tom Holland spread like wildfire on social media.

Zendaya said on Instagram that she cut her hair shorter and felt it was time for a “bit of a change.” She tagged Sarah Shears, who is the hairdresser behind her lewk!

After speculation surfaced online about the couple’s prospective engagement due to the ring, it was eventually established that Zendaya gave herself a present. She disclosed the same while conversing with British Vogue.

She said that she had bought this diamond ring for herself. Zendaya said that she decided to purchase this ring as a reward since she deserved it.

She c that she has plans for the ring, which means she intends to hait on to her descendants in the coming years.

Zendaya rumors

During the promotional tour for Spider-Man: No Way Home, the media recorded a lot of photos and videos with the ring on her finger.

Tom Holland, on the other hand, spoke to the media about his plans for the future. Tom feels it is important to conceal their thoughts and plans towards romantic partnerships. He said that he had committed every moment of the last six years of his life to the pursuit of his profession.

Now he is worn out and in need of a rest. He is eager to make preparations and begin a family. He is interested in figuring out his life outside of this tinseltown environment.

Tom Holland has also discussed the reasons for why he does not want to speak about their relationship with the media.

The actor believes in the importance of keeping his personal life private. This is because he believes that he exposes a significant portion of himself to the public. Moreover, he also believes that some aspects of life must be private.

When interviewers asked Tom about their kissing images, he said he felt robbed of privacy. He also said it was not justified to click pictures secretly and circulate online.

Is Zendaya Pregnant? Actress Reacts to Rumors

Zendaya Instagram post addressing rumors

The actress from Dune resorted to Instagram to put an end to the many hashtags is Zendaya pregnant that were circulating online.

The Hollywood actress also uploaded a black and white image of them together on Instagram not too long ago as a birthday tribute to Tom Holland.

Because of this, it is more certain that they are in a relationship and that they are happy in their lives.

Tom continues to bask in the glory of SpiderMan’s international triumph. At the same time, Zendaya is basking in the glory of Dune and Euphoria’s respective successes.

When fans see Tom Holland commenting on Zendaya instagram social media posts, they immediately fascinate them together!

Recently, Zendaya received lovely brownie points from various social media platforms for her spot-on and funny impersonation of young Tom Holland.

Fans are also debating whether or not there is a potential of a crossover between Tomdaya and Euphoria.

Tom comments on Zendaya’s Instagram posts

On her Instagram account, Zendaya shared a picture of one of her outfits. This was in preparation for the 53rd Annual NAACP Image Awards.

She received a nomination for her work in the Netflix original movie Malcolm and Marie. Zendaya posted a picture of herself wearing the outfit on Instagram. It was taken by the renowned photographer Dominic Miller.

In that outfit, Zendaya looked really stunning, and she captured the attention of netizens almost immediately.

Fans immediately began sharing and commenting on the post. But Zendaya’s most ardent follower was yet to comment.

Tom Holland commented “first” on this particular post made by Zendaya. This indicates that he was the first person to remark on the post that Zendaya made.

Tom Holland was able to show why he is the greatest, even while competing against Zendaya’s most devoted admirers.

Because of this, fans obssess with the couple. The admirers began sharing screenshots of Tom Holland’s comment and started expressing their desire for this type of perfect partnership.

Is Zendaya and Tom Holland dating?

Fans express their delight that Tom Holland is Zendaya’s number one supporter. The event sparked the creation of fan reels online. Another supporter referred to this as an excessive amount of sweetness.

A tweet that was even funnier said that every time someone sees Tom Holland and Zendaya’s postings, they couldn’t help but imagine that they are sleeping alongside each other and commenting “first” on each other’s posts. This tweet was a perfect example of how amusing social media can be.

During the promotional events for Spider-Man, Zendaya posted two images on her Instagram account. One of an adult Tom dressed as Spider-Man, and the other of a younger Tom dressed as Spider-Man.

On her Instagram, she expressed how pleased she is of Tom’s accomplishments and how much respect she has for him as an actor. She went on to write that there are certain things that will never change, and that this is for the better.

Sadly, even though we have almost all the signs, we cannot confirm if the duo is dating.

Final thoughts

So, is Zendaya pregnant? No! The actress is basking in the glory of her Hollywood fame. But we cannot help admit that we want Tomdaya to be a thing. If you are a fan, too, you need to wait for them to reveal their relationship.


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