5 Reasons Why Two Piece Swimsuits are Just Better


Now more than ever, two piece swimsuits are providing options and variety like never before. Gone are the days of the one cut and style string bikini. In its wake, mix and match sets have arrived on the scene with anything from high waisted bottoms to sporty halter tops to hipster swim bottoms to tankini tops. The most exciting thing is that you have the freedom to create whatever look you want. Two piece swimsuits give you the power to mix and match to cater to the summer vision you’ve been dreaming of. Whether it’s a day of surfing and water sports or a day of lounging and tanning poolside with a piña colada in hand, there is a set for you. This is the summer of two piece swimsuits

  1. Variety in prints: The beauty of the two piece swimsuit is that they come in all sorts of colors and prints. Buying several pieces that are within the same color family is a great way to mix and match and keep your look fresh by not wearing the same swimsuit everyday on vacation. Try one floral set and one solid color set with a similar color scheme, and already you have 4 different two piece swimsuit combinations you can wear.
  2. Variety in styles: In the 90s and early 2000s, it seemed as if the only bikini style out there was the string bikini. Now peplum tops, crop tops, bralettes, bandeau tops, tankinis, halter tops, and short and long sleeve surf tops all exist. The same variety in styles exists in bottoms as well. Hipster, boy shorts, swim skirts, high waisted, midrise, and classic bottoms are all available to you to create your perfect summer look. Bathing suits can now be a fashion statement, and reflect your personal preferences and style. 
  3. Variety in cuts: Many women steer clear of two pieces because they may not feel comfortable with the amount of coverage they provide. The freedom of two piece swimsuits are their versatility and customization on how much skin is shown. Two piece bottoms, for example, can vary from thong, to cheeky, to full coverage, to skirt length. The beauty in having a variety in cuts of swimsuit bottoms to choose from is that it allows for you to be in full control of just how much skin you show. Whether it’s suns out buns out or you prefer to be neatly tucked away, there is a swimsuit cut for that. The same can be said for tops, you know what neckline is the most flattering or comfortable for you. By choosing a two piece, you get two opportunities to choose a cut that fits you well in all the right places. 
  4. Variety of activities: Another misconception about two piece suits is that they are not good for a variety of activities, but this could not be further from the truth! There are many brands that create surf and water sport friendly pieces that allow for the coverage and security to perform all sorts of activities without fear of any slippage. Many surf tops have a zipper in the front that allows you to alter the look depending on the activity. The full zip ensures you’re able to perform all the summer lake or beach activities, and then unzip a bit while chilling on the boat. Likewise, some other tops and bottoms are perfect for tanning with minimal tan lines or wading through the pool on your luxury vacation. 
  5. Variety in sizes: It used to be the case that the original bikini was only designed to be flattering on one body type. Now, two pieces come with shelf and underwire bras which allow for extra support for women who are larger chested. Other two piece suits now have thicker straps rather than the simple string, which allows for more security and support. Gone are the days when women who wear plus sizes have to feel frustrated in a dressing room where nothing fits them. With so many designs out there, two pieces bring a level of flexibility and versatility so anybody can look and feel good.

Now is the time to experiment with all of the colors, textures, prints, and patterns! No shade to the one piece swimsuit, but you can only control so much. It can be difficult to find something  that hits every box when it comes to print, style, cut, activity, and size. Not to mention, finding something that fits just right in both the top and bottom regions. By grabbing a two piece swimsuit this summer, you have a higher likelihood of success with the customized fit and more variety to mix and match what feels right than ever before. May you find something you love!


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