Common Conditions That Require Eye Urgent Care


When you have a foreign item or chemicals in your eye, or if your eye region has been injured or burned, you have an eye emergency. If you develop swelling, redness, or discomfort in your eyes, you immediately seek urgent eye care. Eye injury can result in a partial loss of vision or even permanent blindness if not treated properly. The best thing you can do in an incident is to get to your eye urgent care Hell’s Kitchen doctor as soon as possible. The only time you should take rapid action in the case of an emergency eye problem is after a chemical splash (depends on the type of chemical) when you should flush your eyes with water. In this scenario, removing your contacts if the water doesn’t remove them is okay too.

  1.     Objects that are little and foreign in the eye

If anything goes into your eye, it might cause vision loss or damage to your eyes. Sand or dust, for example, can irritate the skin. If you have a little object in your eye or on your eyelid, take these steps:

  • To test if blinking clears your eye, try it. If you rub your eye, it will irritate it.
  • Before contacting your eye, wash your hands. Try to find the thing by looking into your own eyes. You may require assistance.
  • If required, pull your bottom cover gently down to see behind it by placing a cotton swab on the lid and flipping it over.
  • To assist in rinsing away the foreign body, use artificial tear eye drops.
  1.     Objects that are large and foreign to the eye

High-speed entry of glass, metal, or other items into your eye can cause catastrophic harm. If anything becomes trapped in your eye, don’t try to remove it. Don’t touch it, don’t press on it, and don’t try to remove it. This is an emergency medical situation, and you should get assistance as soon as possible. While you wait for medical help, try to keep your eyes as still as possible. If the item is little and you are with someone else, covering both eyes with a clean piece of cloth may assist. This will minimize your eye movement until your doctor sees you.

  1.     Scratches and cuts

If there is a cut or rub on your eyeball or eyelid, you should seek medical attention. While you wait for emergency treatment, you can use a loose bandage but avoid putting pressure on the wound.

How to prevent eye injuries

Eye injuries can occur at any time, particularly at home, at work, during sporting activities, and on the playground. Accidents can occur not just during high-risk activities but also in unexpected areas. There are several things you may take to reduce your chances of getting an eye injury, including:

  • Place knives, scissors, and other sharp objects out of the reach of little children. Teach older kids how to use them securely and keep an eye on them while they are doing so.
  • Allowing your kids to play with projectile toys such as darts or pellet guns is not good.
  • Remove or cushion things with sharp edges to make your home childproof.
  • Cooking with fat and oil should be done with precaution.
  • Curling irons and straightening equipment, for example, should be kept away from your eyes.
  • Keep a safe distance from homemade fireworks.
  • When using power tools or participating in high-risk sports, use safety glasses. Even if you are not participating, you are at risk whenever there are flying items.
  • When working with chemicals or cleaning materials, pay attention to the directions.

After an eye injury, you should always consult an eye doctor to reduce your risks of getting lasting eye damage. Call Russell Levine, MD, or book an appointment today to learn more about eye urgent care.  



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