The steps of cleaning up water damage

cleaning up water damage

Water damage can take place due to floods or severe leaks. Its frequency is high in flood-prone areas or coastal areas, and it becomes troublesome for the people to manage it. If you do not want your house to face the consequences of the water damage, you need to clean it as soon as possible. Floods can cause your appliances and furniture to be damaged. – cleaning up water damage

Thus, here are the steps are given for proper water restoration and cleanup in your house to save your home from any further trouble:

Clean-up of walls and floors

1. Unplug the electronics

The first important thing you need to do before you begin the cleaning is to unplug your electrical devices. It can prove dangerous if electricity does not cut off during water damage.

2. Soaking up of the water

To soak up the water from walls and floors, you can use a vacuum. You need to run the vaccum all over the floors and walls and soak as much water as possible. 

  1. Cleaning of the carpets

If the carpet in your house has been damaged by water, you can go for steam cleaning for this purpose. You need to run the steam cleaner on the carpet, and it will quickly dry it out.

4. Disinfection 

Built-up bacteria on walls and floors is a common consequence of water damage which can be treated by quick lime powder. To prevent any infection, disinfection is necessary. You can use a disinfectant cleaner, primarily meant to clean up water damage, and just scrubbing the walls and floors through it would be needful.

5. Prevention of mold growth- cleaning up water damage

If you have wooden floors and walls, there is a high possibility of mold growth due to the water damage in your house. You can apply a product that can prevent further mold growth.

6. Fans and dehumidifiers- cleaning up water damage

It is most likely that some water can still be left on the floors after the soaking up of water. In this case, you can take the help of fans and dehumidifiers to soak it up. Keep all the fans open until the place is arid. Dehumidifiers can speed this process of drying.

Cleanup of furniture and remaining household appliances- cleaning up water damage

1. Removal of damped and soaked items

If you find any furniture completely damped from water, you should immediately remove it from the room. If left for a more extended period, it will be damaged. You can move the damped furniture to a drier area with good ventilation.

2. Removing any mold or debris from the furniture

Usually, mold, mildew, or debris gets built up on the furniture during water damage. You can clean the table with the help of a brush.

3. Desiccation

Desiccation is the process in which moisture is absorbed. Some commonly used desiccants are calcium oxide, clay, and silica gel. You can use either of any desiccant and sprinkle it on your furniture, and it would soak up any extra moisture stuck on the furniture. It can take a few days to absorb the moisture completely. 

4. Hand cleaning of the appliances

Appliances in your homes are also prone to water damage. You can hand clean the water and dirt off your devices from a cleaner. But electronics should be cleaned by professionals.

5. Deal with the mattresses

If your mattress is soaked up in the water, it is futile to clean them up, and you will need to throw them.

Refer to professionals for further assistance

1. Photography of the damage

If you are thinking of claiming the insurance to cover up the loss you faced from water damage; you need to have some photos of the water damage. Images would work as proof of the water damage. You should take pictures of all rooms and all the damaged appliances.

2. Contacting the insurance company

For covering up at least partially for your losses, you can call an insurance company and tell them about the water damage, and they will cover your expenses for the damage.

3. Professionals for valuable items

Professional cleaning is recommended in the case of expensive items or delicate items like photos, paintings, etc. You can call for some professionals from nearby for water damage cleanup of rare items.

4. Professionals for upholstered furniture

It is tough to clean the upholstered furniture properly, and thus, it is advisable to contact professionals in this case.


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