The Best Sensory Tools For Children On The Spectrum

Sensory Tools

Autism spectrum disorder, also known as Asperger’s, is typically paired with sensory processing challenges. Children on the spectrum are, by nature, extremely sensitive to their environments as a result. Action behaviors MCHAT test for autism is an excellent screening tool for parents who are not entirely sure if their child is on the spectrum or not.-Sensory Tools 

Nevertheless, some children with autism are picky eaters as a result of textile and taste sensitivities, while sound sensitivities and even light sensitivities are also often relevant challenges. 

Sensory challenges are likely the biggest hurdle for neurodiverse little ones because managing these processing difficulties can make day-to-day activities and experiences a sensory nightmare. So, as the loving parent of a neurodiverse child, it’s key to equip your child with the tools they need to self-soothe and manage their sensory systems. 

We’ve listed the best sensory tools for children on the spectrum. 

Pop Fidget Toys

Pop fidget toys are excellent for stress management, even for adults. These therapeutic toys effectively take your mind away from your worries. 

Children on the spectrum will find these pocket-sized plastic toys exceptionally rewarding. You’ll find them spending a surplus of time fidgeting with this toy and soothing themselves in the process. 

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are highly effective in assisting with the symptoms of anxiety conditions, and those on the spectrum also experience heightened levels of anxiety, especially when sensory overloads are looming. 

Invest in a weighted blanket to help calm your child when they start to feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is another great tool for children on the spectrum. This satisfying sand will entertain your little one for a while, and they will also find this type of sensory play stimulating and relaxing. 

Shakers And Rattles

Autistic children typically enjoy repetitive sounds. Despite sound sensitivities, being in control of the sound brings about a lot of satisfaction for anyone on the spectrum. 

Purchase a few rattles and shakers that produce different sounds, and let your little one have a ball during playtime. With this, you can also hand your child a shaker or rattle during the rumble phase of a meltdown to help distract them from the overwhelming sensations associated with sensory overloads and complete meltdowns. 

A Variety Of Fidget Toys

Aside from pop fidget toys, several other fidget toys are on the market that can help your child self-soothe and manage sensory processes. 

Fidget spinners are typically suitable for older children, while fidget cubes, stress balls, and chewable pendants are all great options as well. It’s worthwhile to invest in a variety of fidget tools in different sizes. 

Putty And Play Dough

Putty and play dough are suitable for all children, not just those on the spectrum. This type of toy is excellent for the textile senses; your little one will get lost in the motions of squashing and pressing the dough and might even start creating shapes over some time. 

When searching for sensory toys for your child, keep in mind that most toys are suitable for children on the spectrum, except toys with small parts and choking hazards. Nevertheless, let your child partake in the shopping experience, even if you decide to purchase sensory tools online. Letting your child pick some toys on their own will be extremely rewarding. 


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