How to Set Up Your Home Office

Set Up Your Home Office

Nowadays, many of us are spending the majority of our working hours at home, working remotely. For that reason, thousands have people have nominated a room or area in their homes as their designated office space. Read to Set Up Your Home Office-

Having a set space to get your work done, separate from where you relax, is great for your productivity as well as your mental well-being. This space will allow you that same feeling of arriving at the office to start your workday and leaving the office after 5 PM in order to unwind and relax.

But just because this is a space for work, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve the same attention you would give your bedroom or living room. Your home office should be styled in a way that truly captures your energy, and makes you feel inspired and motivated.

Here are some home office styling tips and to Set Up Your Home Office to make you feel at home in your office.

Pick the Focal Point

Naturally, the most important element in your office is the desk. It will be one of the largest pieces of furniture, and the main focus of the room, which means that the desk you choose will impact your style choices going forward.

Choosing a desk of the right size, shape and functionality is the most important consideration. You might need a lot of desk space with plenty of drawers to organise your paperwork and stationery. If you struggle with back pain, you might choose a standing desk such as an UpDown vs Desky desk.

Once you know the right type of desk for you, pick one out in a style that suits you. Minimalistic, light wood, dark and vintage-looking, or perhaps something small, white, and simple. This will help to shape what the overall style of the room will be.

Location, Location, Location- Set Up Your Home Office

Another thing to think about is where you decide to set up your workspace. For some, there may not be many options in a smaller home, and you’ll have to make do with the space you have.

If you have a bigger home and the luxury of choice, or perhaps if you’re house hunting for a new home that will have space for you to work, you’ll want to consider elements such as the lighting and temperature of your office.

A room with a lot of natural light will be best for productivity, energy and mental clarity and you’ll want to try to make sure that your office isn’t overly stuffy or freezing cold if you can avoid it. Since it’s a room you’ll spend most of your day in, try to ensure you’ll be comfortable.

Choose a Style You Love- Set Up Your Home Office

Once you’re happy with the setup and location of your office, you can truly lean into the styling aspect, and pick an interior design style that jumps out at you.

A piece of advice here would be to keep things minimal. A too-busy room in a farm-style or excessive floral décor could be distracting and impact your work. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your workspace needs to be boring – simply try to downplay whichever style you choose and keep things clean in the office. 

Prioritise Comfort and Function

While we all want each room in our homes to look beautiful, stylish, and inviting, we also know that we need to, well… live there. In your office, you need to make functionality and comfort a priority. This means that you’ll need to consider filing needs and an ergonomic desk chair, above elements like decorative pieces or a chaise lounge to fill empty space.

Fortunately, style and comfort can go hand-in-hand, if you plan carefully and really think about your purchases. Be sure to try out different chairs and pieces of furniture, and make sure that shelves and storage solutions will be large enough for your needs.

Pick Energising Colours

Picking a colour palette for a room is one of the easiest ways to bring things together to feel cohesive and harmonious. When it comes to a place of work, however, you’ll need to think further than just your favourite colour, or what’s in for the season.

Colours can have a huge impact on our moods and mindsets, and this is something to take advantage of when it comes to working hours. Choose to decorate your home office with colours that make you feel good. Shades of blue might have a calming effect for a high-stress job, whereas yellows can brighten your mood and give you a boost of energy when you walk into the room.

Minimise Distractions

Once again, considering the purpose of this space is important – even when purchasing décor. If your room is packed full of trinkets, and there isn’t a bare space on your wall, you might imagine how easily you could get distracted.

When it comes to décor in your office, less is more. Try to keep decorate pieces off of your desk for the most part (allow yourself space to work) and rather place them on other shelves or on top of storage solutions. This is a good way to compromise. Try using the rule of threes to keep things cohesive and avoid chaos.

Keep it Tidy

Finally, when you’re setting up your office, make sure that storage and organisation are at the front of your mind. Decorative clutter is one thing, but mess and disorganisation in your workspace is another level of distraction. 

Make sure that you have more than enough storage space to keep everything neatly packed away and organised in a way that makes sense, so you’ll easily be able to find what you need when you need it.

Implement a daily or weekly clean up session where you give your desk a quick wipe down and ensure that everything is packed away where it needs to be.

Your office should be a place that welcomes you each morning and gets you excited to start the workday. Ensure that this room makes it easy for you to settle down with your morning brew and get things going without a fuss.


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