Healthy Eyecare Tips You Should Know

Eyecare Tips

Can you imagine life without your eyes? You would try to do anything possible to maintain your eye care and prevent any issues that would cause their impairment. Regular eye exams can give you the best outcomes, especially if you have a history of eye problems or are aged 40 and above. Bronx optometrist and eye care specialists at Bainbridge Eye Care offer patient-centered and advanced eye care to patients of all ages. They provide critical care, including diagnosis and treatments for various eye health issues. Here you will find helpful details on eye care management with Eyecare Tips.

Sunglasses- Eyecare Tips

While many individuals wear sunglasses as a fashion piece, they are also essential in eye health management. Sunglasses have the following benefits to your eye care.

  •         Protects the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays
  •         Prevents contacts from drying out
  •         Offers protection from UV rays to the skin around your eyes
  •         Prevents windblown debris from entering your eyes

It’s essential to use sunglasses with lenses for UV protection to get the best eyecare out of your sunglasses. You can always consult with your eye care provider to ensure your sunglasses offer you UV protection.

The team at Bainbridge Eye Care customizes your sunglasses to your liking to meet your fashion style and provide the protection you need.

Eye allergies- Eyecare Tips

Eye allergies are common and may result from different factors. They may cause discomfort that may affect your life quality. They usually lead to the following symptoms.

  •         Dry eyes
  •         Swollen eyelids
  •         Watery eyes
  •         Burning eyes
  •         Itchiness
  •         Red eyes
  •         Sticky or watery discharge
  •         Light sensitivity

Eye allergies may occur from different triggers, including pollen, dust, smoke, or pet dander. The allergies may be seasonal or appear all year round. Identifying and avoiding your allergy triggers can help prevent the allergy from happening.

When your symptoms do not improve, you may want to check with your doctor for more treatments.

Eye exam

It’s through regular eye check-ups that you can evaluate your eye health and find solutions where there are problems. An eye exam appointment at Bainbridge Eye Care involves the following.

  •         Eye function tests
  •         Visual acuity and eye refraction
  •         Eye health tests
  •         Ocular disease screening

Routine eye exams check the state of your eyes, their health, function, and evaluate any health conditions or risks of complications. It’s advisable to have your eye exams every year.

Red eyes

What do red eyes mean? Red eyes may occur from various issues, including an eye injury, lack of enough sleep, and fatigue, among other causes. Red eyes may also occur due to an underlying eye condition.

You should schedule an eye exam when your red eyes occur alongside symptoms such as pain, irritation, itchiness, blurry vision, or burning.

Contact lenses

Eye health providers recommend contacts to address various vision problems, including.

  •         Refractive errors
  •         Specialty lenses
  •         Presbyopia

It’s essential to follow the instruction provided on how to take care of your contact lenses. Contact lenses should also fit correctly and comfortably to enhance their intended function.

Eyecare is vital to protect your eye‘s health and promote your vision. Eye exams, wearing sunglasses with UV protection, and healthy diets rich in vitamins A and E play an important role in maintaining your eye health. Contact Bainbridge Eye Care today for all your eye care needs.


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