What is required to write an argumentative essay?

an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is a style of writing that expresses the writer’s point of view or stance on a particular topic and uses evidence to back up that viewpoint. An argumentative essay aims to persuade the reader that your point of view is logical, ethical, and correct. 

Most academic writing is built around arguments and ideas. Academic essays typically adhere to a pre-established organizational style that allows the writer to explain their thoughts clearly and the reader to follow the thread of their argument. Because essay structure is governed by content and discussion, each essay will present unique structural issues. Yet, conveying a clear and compelling idea is vital for the writing process.

So, what are the steps required to write an argumentative essay? This article will go through each of them in-depth.

Choosing a Topic

The first stage in composing an argumentative essay is settling on a topic. Choosing a subject for your essay may appear to be an arduous task. It can feel as if you could argue over anything and everything! The options are endless. First, make sure that the topic you chose permits you to make a claim that can be backed by evidence that is credible and appropriate for the subject matter.

It’s also worth noting that a decent topic is a one- or two-sentence summary of your essay’s key argument or main claim. A solid topic is essential since it informs the reader about the essay’s subject, allowing them to determine whether or not to read it. It would help if you also considered selecting a topic that interests you. Consider choosing a topic that connects something you know or care about to something important to the rest of society. 

Crafting a thesis statement

After you’ve decided on the most acceptable topic for your essay, you should begin by crafting a thesis statement. This statement will assist you in establishing your position on the subject. The thesis statement, sometimes known as “the thesis,” is the foundation of your argument. In more concrete terms, a thesis statement expresses your point of view on your issue in one sentence, usually near the end of your introduction paragraph. You must present your point of view in your thesis statement argumentatively. That is, it should state a contested point of view. The thesis statement informs your reader about your argument. The body of your essay demonstrates and explains why your argument is logical.

Research your ideas and organize your findings

Planning is an essential feature of an argumentative essay because you’ll provide an argument that you’ll need to back up with good evidence. Ensure all the materials and the different reference sources from trustworthy sources and industry experts should be included in your research. In addition to assessing the source’s trustworthiness, you should evaluate what evidence could be the most persuasive when it comes to the argument you’re making and who your readers are. This means that taking a step back and thoroughly understanding the overall context of the argumentative paper is crucial to selecting evidence that will strengthen your thesis.

How to write an argumentative essay correctly once you’ve chosen a topic, developed a thesis statement, and conducted considerable research?

No matter how strong an argument or idea is, it will fall flat if the author cannot summarize her findings and rationally offer a precise analysis. Argumentative essays of grademiners teach people to resist emotional appeals, use sound rather than faulty arguments, and make specific, explicit statements rather than generalizations.

In addition to the basic grammar and mechanics that practically every educated person has, argumentative writing can assist in mastering the significance of paper structure. A well-written argumentative essay begins with a clear, tightly limited thesis that is reinforced by each paragraph that follows. This involves mastering the necessity of keeping on topic, compellingly supporting one’s arguments, and adhering to a thesis that one can defend in the allocated space.

One must anticipate objections to their perspective in addition to making a solid argument. This could include explaining alternate points of view or answering any questions the reader may have. This method assists a person in the development of critical thinking abilities. In addition, it improves their arguing skills by identifying potential faults in opposing arguments. When you are required to write an argumentative essay, you might need the service of assignment writers who offer the best essay writing services.


In conclusion, a well-written argumentative essay must have the following:

In the first paragraph, include a concise, appealing thesis statement.

Body paragraphs that support the thesis statement with evidence and justifications

When relevant, a paragraph presents alternative viewpoints on the subject.

A conclusion that leaves the listener with something to ponder.



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