A Luxury Property Of Coastal North Carolina – Selected And Collected

Coastal North Carolina

If you’re not familiar with Coastal North Carolina, there are over 2,000 miles of coastline to explore. This makes it an ideal place to find your own slice of coastal paradise.

Now is the time! Schambs Property Management Company says more people than ever are investing in coastal NC as a premiere destination for luxury beach vacations. In fact, North Carolina has even been deemed ‘home’ to the number one vacation rental company.

Whether you’re just starting out with the idea or are already well on your way, North Carolina comes with its own set of challenges and rewards for those looking to make it their home. You also have a bunch of exciting options if you look at homes in South Carolina

But in this article, we are taking you to the treasures of North Carolina where you can find the best options for investing in a luxury property.

Take a look below at some of the reasons why you should consider investing in your own vacation home in North Carolina.

Some Best NC Coasts for Luxury Property

When it comes to the best NC coast for luxury property, there are many factors that make this an appealing location. Things like historic homes, good weather, and conveniences are just a few reasons why we believe we should consider this states coastline for our next home.

Outer Banks

North Carolina is a great state for holiday makers and luxury property buyers. They have miles of golden beaches and the famous Outer Banks which have been there since Ancient times. But, which place in North Carolina is the best? Where should you buy a beach house? Where do famous people go for beach house living in North Carolina? Outer Banks is at the top of the list.

North Carolina’s Outer Banks are considered to be the best NC coast for beach houses. Strung along the coast of North Carolina and comprised of many islands, this region is often referred to as OBX or Outer Banks. 

This unique coastal area gives you a ton of options on beach house vacation rentals before, during, and after your visit to the local attractions of Wright Brothers National Memorial Park in Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve, Fort Raleigh National Historic Site in Manteo and Roanoke Island Lighthouse.

Brunswick Coast

Luxury properties in North Carolina are also a great option for investors. The NC coast has great rental histories and if you know what to look for, some of these areas are also great values. 

Many investors will steer clear of the beach, just because it seems scarier than other markets. If you check out some of the areas on the Brunswick Coast. 

However, you will find plenty of options for a great rental home for your tenants. This area is about 30 minutes northwest of Wilmington, near Southport. The average price per foot runs around $110, which means that many of these homes are below $500,000.


If you’re looking to move to a location that has both a beach and rivers, then you should consider Washington as your next home. It’s the only state in America that has two coasts — one on the Pacific Ocean! Beaches are great, but if you want to explore a coastline, Richmond Beach is just one of your options.

There are tons to do in Washington. The Coastal region is known for having some of the best beaches in North America. You won’t find a beach that’s as long and has as many cities on it than the one you’ll find here. There are over seven different cities within a 30 mile radius of Vancouver, WA.

Best Coastal Towns in North Carolina for Luxury Properties

  • Edenton 

Edenton is a small town in North Carolina’s northeastern corner bordering Virginia. Edenton, officially the Town of Edenton, is an old colonial pearling and trading town situated on beautiful Albemarle Sound. From seafood to historic attractions, Edenton is also renowned for its commitment to historic preservation.

If you’re in the market for new coastal real estate in North Carolina and want to live in a vibrant small town setting, then Edenton, NC might be the answer you’ve been looking for! If you’re not familiar with Edenton, it’s positioned on the northwest side of Albemarle Sound. This quiet town is located some 47 miles southeast of Raleigh, 33 miles northeast of Elizabeth City, and 101 miles north of Wilmington. With an excellent location between the seaside and downtown Greenville, it provides access to a great selection of local amenities.

  • Nags Head

Nags Head is a great place to live. It has beautiful white beaches, lots of outdoor activities, and lots of history. If you are looking to retire or have a vacation home, check out the best coastal towns in North Carolina for luxury properties.

If you and your family are looking for a coastal town that can provide recreation, relaxation, amazing restaurants and great neighbors, you’ll want to consider relocating to Nags Head, NC. You’ll be able to rub elbows with the locals at one of the many quaint and charming restaurants or parks, or explore nature at the state parks that grace the Outer Banks.

  • Kitty Hawk 

If you’ve been to North Carolina’s coast, chances are you’ve heard of Kitty Hawk. The town of about 2000 has a wealthy history, being home to the Wright Brothers’ 1915 flight. That’s one heck of a legacy, but does that make it one of the best coastal towns in North Carolina?

Kitty Hawk is one of the more rural towns on this list and this is immediately obvious when you start driving along the roads. While it’s not particularly special in breaking from the norm of coastal towns, it makes up for this with a large number of high-quality hotels and restaurants.


The NC coast has many benefits that make it a perfect place to live. It celebrated history, receives strong ratings for weather patterns, and offers convenience to those who are looking to further their business ventures in this region.

The North Carolina coastline is a great place to call home. You will love the weather, and your children will love the neighborhood schools. If you are looking for an amazing place to live, then you should consider luxury property in Coastal North Carolina.



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