4 Ways to Utilize UV Disinfection in the Workplace

Disinfection in the Workplace

There are many reasons why keeping workplaces clean is important for employee health and safety. One cleaning process that companies are using is UV sanitizer. Here are four main ways to use UV disinfection in the workplace. 

1. Routine Cleaning- Disinfection in the Workplace

Normal routine cleaning is helpful at keeping a workplace clean. When you add sanitizing to regular routine cleaning then you will reduce the germs and bacteria from surface areas. Routine cleaning, as opposed to deep cleaning, is meant to be done quickly because it is repeated often. 

Using UV sanitizers is one way to quickly eliminate germs and bacteria. It needs to be done routinely because it does not work on new germs or bacteria after the process has taken place. Workplaces are naturally open to new germs and bacteria because people use these spaces daily. Routine cleaning should be done in high traffic areas. 

2. Cleaning High Traffic Areas- Disinfection in the Workplace

High-traffic areas are the places in a workplace that people use the most, which means it is important to keep these spaces clean. Some of the high-traffic areas in your workplace might be:

  • Lobbies or waiting areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Breakrooms
  • Mailrooms
  • Meeting rooms

UV light can keep these high-traffic areas free of bacteria that cause illness. In addition to cleaning high traffic areas, you should also focus on cleaning all highly used workplace surfaces. 

3. Cleaning Highly Used Surfaces

Similar to high-traffic areas, your workplace should also ensure areas that are touched the most throughout the day are kept clean. UV sanitization can keep live bacteria off of these highly used surfaces by eliminating the germs.  

Work Surfaces

Work surfaces are areas where employees complete their tasks. These surfaces can vary from workplace to workplace. Tables, desks, and counters are some of the more common work surfaces that employees use. Other types of work surfaces may include machinery, kiosks, and more.


Most employees use some sort of electronic device to help them complete their work. These items are frequently touched and can sometimes be used by more than one person. Some of the most common workplace electronics that would benefit from UV sanitization are: 

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Keyboards
  • A computer mouse
  • Remotes and controllers

Doorknobs, Light Switches, and Handrails 

Other highly touched surfaces in a workplace are doorknobs, light switches, and handrails. These items are touched by many people throughout the workday and require regular disinfection. 

There is less of a chance of spreading germs when these different surfaces are sanitized with UV light. If someone gets sick then you should think about disinfecting their work area. 

4. Disinfect and Sanitize After Someone Os Sick

It is easy for employees in a workplace to pass around the cold or flu because they come in close contact with each other. When someone gets sick you should consider using UV sanitization in the workplace. You should also consider this disinfection method if there are many people who contract the same illness. 

Using UV sanitization can easily eliminate the live bacteria that cause illness. This process will help you stop the spread of any illness that goes around the workplace.  

Final Thoughts on UV Sanitizer in the Workplace

Using a UV sanitizer in the workplace is a good cleaning method you should implement. It will help keep employees healthy by eliminating germs so they cannot spread. This may translate to employees taking fewer sick days. If you apply these four ways to clean the various places and items within a workplace with UV sanitizer then you will greatly reduce the risk of infection. For more information, contact a company that provides UV sanitizer cleaning options.



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