Mikey Tokyo Revengers Character and Back Story

mikey tokyo revengers

Mikey is a carefree guy of Mikey Tokyo revengers, he enjoys playing practical jokes on people he considers his real friends. Also, he adores them and is adamant about upholding their honor.

One of Mikey’s finest qualities is that he rarely reveals signs of weakness, and this is because he considers himself Touman’s backbone and support. His whole aura changes considerably after becoming the leader of Touman; he turns intimidating and dominating.

The Touman respects Mikey, but they also fear him. Touman’s leader has an imposing aura, but he is still an innocent and carefree child from his heart. Mikey has childish behavior, and he enjoys napping whenever he feels like it. (moneypip.com)

Many events happened in his life, forcing him to mature quickly. But he still is an energetic and charismatic leader of Touman. He carries a massive burden of the troubling past in his heart despite all these. The darkness of the past never leaves him, but he hides it all in his easy-going manner.

Because he didn’t have the correct people to lead him down the right way, he became one of the most popular and horrible criminals. The primary Takemichi’s mission is to ensure that Mikey never opts for the correct path.

mikey tokyo revengers

Skills and abilities of the Tokyo Revengers Mikey

Being the leader of the Touman group, Mikey literally rules over other members and they follow him too. Mikey has a dominating personality and that is what he bestows upon the entire group. He is the pushing everyone forward to make them stronger and act fearsome against the enemies.

Martial Arts

Unlike most of Mikey’s enemies, he is the one who has great grip over martial arts. Since his young days, he was great in these techniques, and people considered him a prodigy child.

His smartness and ease of adaptability make his reflexes great. Mikey has a famous signature move that he does with either of his legs when we requires. It is a roundhouse kick and his lift is strong enough to knock out any of his enemies within a jiffy.


The charm of Mikey is what attracts everyone towards him. The fun part is both his group members and his foes notice this about him, some even jealous! His charisma helps him keep everything in order and makes people take him seriously. Gang leaders also respect him a lot for this appeal.

There is a time in the series when the protagonist becomes evil. The enemies of Mikey use this charisma against him. They turned him into an evil person by misusing the characteristics he has. Mikey Tokyo Revengers is a dangerous gang and that is only because Mikey is the mastermind that rule them all!

Fighting Strategy

Everyone is Toumon respects Mikey making him quite an influence on all of them. Moreover, his nickname reflects his feisty nature as well. The man is strong, firm, and he can easily win a gang member with one kick.

Mikey’s opponents are often surprised that he is just a teen. And he is so strong that he likes to keep punching and kicking people. Mikey is conscious about his height and it is a disadvantage for him. He does not want anyone to take him less seriously, so he exhibits his powers to outshine them all.

It makes him capable of going from a one-on-one with the tall opponents. He has excellent punching ability and you will find an amazing scene in the anime where Mikey crushes a car with his kick!

“Nuclear” is the term which is regarded for his kicks. He has multiple fighting abilities, and Mikey is a gifted athlete with great endurance.

His leg strength is that he can not only lift a whole person by one leg but also deliver a devastating quick KO strike to another opponent, instantly destroying both.

Draken, Mitsuya, Chifuyu, and Peh-yan fail to beat Mikey together when they get into fight sequences.


Mikey has incredible stamina and perseverance. He’s been struck by punches that knock most people out. Despite this, he can sweep them aside and continue battling.

You might find it surprising, but there is a time when Mikey from Tokyo Revengers is defeated! However, he quickly woke up and could attack back immediately. He only needed one headbutt to beat an opponent who will constantly hitting him with a pipe.


One thing that makes Mikey superior over everyone else is his gut feeling. For example, when the protagonist met Takemich for the first time, he didn’t understand how he will turn out to be. But he was never sure of his behavior and always doubted his intentions.

Mikey has the power to predict what will happen in the future and that is what helps him stay alert of all dire situations. There is one scene where Takemichi grabs the hand of Mikey and he goes back 10 years in time. Mikey felt the committee going back to the past again.

mikey tokyo revengers

Mechanical Knowledge

Mickey is Shinichiro’s younger brother, and Shinichiro is a master mechanic. This helped Mikey gain a lot of knowledge. In the series, we see the character open, fix, and use several mechanical objects like its a piece of cake for him to do it all!


The name of Mikey stands of 10,000 (or ten thousand) while the nickname stands of someone who is God-like! Michael is the full form of the name Mikey. The surname stands o help or aid and also wilderness!

Trivia of Mickey Tokyo Revengers

According to the official book:

  • The favorite foods of Mikey are Dorayaki, Omurice (with the flag on top), and Taiyaki (fish-shaped cake filled with red bean paste).
  • Mikey doesn’t like spicy foods
  • The image color of Mikey is red
  • The particular skill of Mikey is disarticulation
  • Mikey respects and admires himself
  • The dream of Mikey is to create an era of delinquents
  • Mikey’s favorite spot is the tip of his towel.
  • The dream of the key is to create an era of delinquents

The relationship chart of Mikey

  • Draken: greatly trust
  • Takemicchi: like
  • Emma: younger sister

A day in Mickey’s life

After being woken up by Draken, Mikey goes to school just for the lunch service. He sleeps the whole time in the class and during the lunch break. Then he and Draken ride their motorcycles all night to the Touman rally.

How old is Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Mikey is the Touman’s leader, who is a group of hooligans. But in the future, they became the main reason for the death of Hinata.

Like always, Mikey is a carefree guy and looks after his buddies admirably and other subordinates. Mikey was 15 years old in 2005.

Manjiro was born on August 20, 1990. Takemichi is 15 years old when he meets Mikey for the first time. Since elementary school, he had always been physically strong, gaining Draken’s adoration.

Mikey spent his childhood thrashing youngsters who attempted to bully him because of his height. When Mikey grew old, he formed a gang of his own who fought for honor, love, friendship, and mutual protection. Mikey is currently 27 years old, while Takemichi is 26 years old. And now he is Touman’s group leader.

Sadly, Mikey becomes very dark from inside. People rarely see Manjiro, one of Tokyo’s most powerful gang bosses. In the final arc, Takemichi saves his girlfriend Hinata, and he also discovers Manjiro Sano’s original tape.

From the tape, Takemichi realized, Mikey meant to continue building a new gang even though the rest members were leaving. This time age of Mikey is 17 years.

mikey tokyo revengers

How tall is Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Mikey’s hair is bleached yellow and styled in a fake hawk as a teenager. Mikey wears jeans, a button-up collared jacket, and white boots as part of his uniform. Most of the time, the expression of Mikey is tired, and it’s because of his stressful ongoing life.

Mikey’s hair is a sloppy wolf cut with yellow-colored streaks running through it. Mikey is accompanied by Draken, his right-hand guy, who seems to be 7 feet tall.

Draken has a head tattoo. Mikey is a carefree boy with a slim build body, and his height is also below average. He has pitch black eyes and long hair, which is blonde. The hair is knotted at the top and let flow freely on the sides.

Mikey is 162 centimeters in height, and his size is below average. In the manga series, Shuji Hanma is 198 cm in height, and he is one of the tallest. This means that Hanma is taller than most of the characters.

Mikey Tokyo revengers manga characters

Hanagaki Takemichi

Hanagaki Takemichi is another character in the Mikey Tokyo revengers manga. He is the central protagonist of the series, and he is a time leaper with the powerful ability to travel back in time.

He wanted to become a high-ranking member of the Manji Gang or the Tokyo Manji Gang to save his girlfriend. The girlfriend of Hanagaki Takemichi is Hinata Tachibana.

In the past, Hanagaki was years old. The present timeline is 26 years old, and in the final part, he is much older. He is 165 cm tall!

Hanagaki Takemichi

Ken Ryuji

Ken Ruyuji is popularly known as Draken. He is the vice-president and one of the actual members of the Touman. He was born on 10 May 1990. His age is 27 years; in the past timeline, his age is 15 years, and in the final arc, his age is 17 years.

He is tall, and his height is 185 cm. Draken has a considerable influence in the gang, but at the same time, he is not at all arrogant. He appreciates excellent fights and is always up for taking on difficult opponents.

He shows his disdain for people he considers beneath him and unworthy of his attention by treating them with contempt and making it clear that he hates them.

On the other hand, Draken is a caring guy to those he loves and cares about. He despises public demonstrations of devotion or caring for his friends and family but would go to great lengths to ensure their well-being.

Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji was the previous captain of the First Division of the famous Tokyo Manji Gang. He is also one of the oldest and the original members of one of the most famous Tokyo Manji Gang. Baji is always wearing a signature smile on his face whenever he fights. He is very loyal to Touman.

Baji is prepared to go to any length to defend his friends and co-workers, even if it means painting himself as the villain in their eyes. Finally, he has no hesitation about putting his life on the line to guarantee that Touman stays on track.

He is brilliant and extremely wise. And he was also able to recognize the actual culprits who were threats to Touman. His acting abilities are outstanding. Touman, a model member, would go to tremendous lengths to attain his objectives but never use deception.

Izana Kurokawa

One of the most horrible people in the Mikey Tokyo Revengers pfp is Izana Kurokawa. He was the former president of Tenjiku. He was born on 30 August. Before he left his family and sister Emma, Izana, like every other person, could be a kind and empathetic person.

Izana was also the eighth leader of Black Dragons and served as one of the main villains of the Tenjiku Arc. He has become mentally unstable and wants total power over the situation. The saddest part is he now has complete hatred for his siblings.

Regardless of whether he is a friend or an adversary, he treats everyone badly and makes it evident that he considers them less than him and unworthy of his attention.

Final thoughts

Now that you know a lot about the Tokyo Revengers, it is time to watch the anime yourself. It is currently available on Netflix, so watch it right away and know all about these characters and their backstories!


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