Website Design Tips That Help Boost Engagement


Engagement is a crucial element you’ll want to capture when you design a website, whether it’s for business, entertainment, or personal gain.  If you can’t manage to get visitors to engage with your pages, you’ll have trouble drawing a truly loyal audience on the web.  

A consistent effort to better your website layout will help you reach your goals faster.  Take a moment now to read through a few website design tips that help boost user engagement, and start planning for busier days ahead.  

Make movement easy for users

Engagement is about getting users to really dig into what your site has to offer.  Designing for simple navigation will provide a clear path to exploration for curious users arriving on your site.  

A simple stationary navigation bar, like you see here on this industrial pump manufacturer’s website, is something every web user has seen and used.  Adding this element to your design is a really easy way to upgrade your engagement potential.  

Adding a blog is helpful

When your website has a blog for users to explore, there’s plenty of reason to engage.  Reading an informative blog post will keep users on your pages longer, giving your business more of a shot at building a lasting rapport with people.  

However, you can’t just post anything to your blog.  For best results, you want blog posts that have something to do with your business or purpose.  Relevant posts draw relevant interests.  

Speedy loading is imperative

You will see a more effective impression of engagement when your pages are quick to load.  Users get bored and lose interest quickly, and a slow loading website will turn some people away from your pages.  

Be careful to always keep tabs on the performance of your pages.  If you have heavy image files, take the time to compress those files.  Optimizing your design for mobile users will help keep loading speeds under control as well.  

Conquer the call to action

A great call to action asks users to do something.  Simple phrases like “click here”, “leave a comment”, and “check it out” are all little call to action phrases that urge a visitor to click a link and engage themselves with your site.  

Learn how to become fluent in the language of action, and your site will have people clicking and exploring more of what you have to offer.  

Don’t forget about aesthetic appeal

Finally, don’t forget about the power of a cool looking page design.  The colors you use matter.  The amount of clutter you have on your pages matters.  Use images, videos, and other multimedia additions to diversify your content, and give people something to see. 


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