How Long Does CBD Last? The Pet Owner’s Guide to CBD

Guide to CBD

You may have recently learned about the benefits of cbd not only for yourself but also for your animals. It is a safe, natural, and effective way to treat many things that may be troubling your furry friend. There are some things you need to know and consider before you start your pet on Guide to CBD Gummies to know if this is the best thing for them. As with anything natural or not it is best to do your research and know what your are doing. 

What Are The Benefits of CBD For My Pet- Guide to CBD

In recent years there has been more knowledge around CBD and the benefits it can have for animals. Humans and animals have specific pathways in their brains called endocannabinoid receptors that allow our brains to process CBD. Because animals have more of these receptors than humans, CBD can actually help support healthy brain function and memory in our animals. Here are some other ways CBD can help our pets: 

  1. Joint Mobility- There are several breeds that are prone to joint and muscle problems, maybe your pet has suffered an injury, or is older and needs a little help. CBD is known to reduce inflammation which can help your pet live as active and pain free as possible. 
  2. Sick Tummies- If your dog has tummy issues whether they are mild or severe, CBD could help soothe them and give them some relief. Some pets are just sensitive and need the extra support. If they experience vomiting or diarrhea daily, occasionally, or ate something that has them off, you can give this to them everyday for maintenance or just as needed. They are sure to be feeling more like themselves in no time. 
  3. For the Anxious Babies- If your pet suffers from anxiety in general, separation anxiety, goes crazy when people are in your home, or stays in a constant state of stress, this may be the perfect solution. In animals and people it is known to have a calming effect and has been proven work very well when taken regularly 

How Long Does CBD Last

Depending on the size of your pet and how much they are given will depend on how long a dose will last. Typically it will start working in about fifteen minutes and then reach its peak effectiveness after eight to twelve hours. Once the first dose has worn off you are able to then go ahead and give them some more. 

How Much Should I Give My Pet

Just like in people, every animal and their needs are different. Every bottle of CBD will have how much to give your pet, but you can take a look at this CBD dosage chart to get an idea: 

Pet’s Weight  CBD tincture Dosage
4-10lbs  .5ml 
10-25lbs  1.0ml 
25-50lbs  1.5ml
50-100lbs 2.0ml
100+lbs  2.5+ml


Try starting small so you can see how your pet reacts to it and then you could go up from there. 

Always Check For Quality- Guide to CBD

Before purchasing your pet CBD you will want to do your research and make sure you choose a company that has high safety standards. This will ensure that all of the THC has been filtered out, will not cause any harm to them, and is made with the best CBD. There are even veterinary professionals that specialize in the treatment of animals with CBD. 

Will My Pet Get High

You can be certain that if you are buying high grade, quality CBD that any trace amounts of THC have in fact been filtered out and it is perfectly safe. CBD is actually made from hemp which is a certain species of the cannabis plant called a sativa. It produces a high amount of CBD and a low amount of THC. The THC is then processed out and only the CBD remains. This filtering leaves all of those good cannabinoids in without harming the potency and efficiency of the CBD product. There is absolutely no risk of your pet getting high and a high chance they will feel amazing. 

Get Your Pet Some CBD Today

Once you decide which product is best for your pet, order your furry friend their very own CBD today so they can start living their best life. The best part about online shopping is the array of products to choose from and then having it sent conveniently to your door. You and your pet will be so thankful. Animals are so innocent and rely on us for everything. It is our job and responsibility as pet owners to make sure they are living their very best lives. Keep them healthy and active their whole lives. 





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