What’s the secret behind the growth of fantasy golf and how can it further expand?


The fantasy sports market has been growing at an accelerated rate. Alongside seeing some of the most popular, like fantasy baseball and fantasy basketball, we are now seeing a rise in fantasy F1 and fantasy golf.

One of the most popular fantasy sports is American Football, so much so that between 2020-2026 it is expected that the revenue will reach $539 million. 

What are the most popular fantasy sports?

One of the best things about fantasy sports is that it puts the power in the hands of the participant. They can put their knowledge of the game and the players to use and create an incredible team. 

Earning points, competing with friends and family – or in leagues to win prizes. 

Here are the most popular fantasy sports, in no particular order:

  • American Football 
  • Football 
  • Cricket 
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Golf

What is contributing to the growth in the fantasy sports market?

One of the key drivers in the fantasy sports industry is that it has gradually moved away from whiteboards and note papers to apps and online automatically tracked points. 

Mobile apps, in particular, have given a considerable boost to the accessibility of fantasy sports leagues. 

It’s not just mobile apps that are driving the growth, though. We now have more access to sports and sports stars than we have ever had before. Games are streamed globally, allowing for a more international fanbase. 

Playing the fantasy version of your favorite sport is a way to stay involved even if you can’t get to a live match.

Why are players drawn to fantasy leagues?

We know that more people than ever have access to creating and joining the leagues of their favorite sport. But what is enticing, so many players to join? 

It’s social

It won’t take you long to decide which fantasy sport you’d like to play and find a forum packed with information, tips, and other players. As well as a vast global community, you can also keep it smaller and play locally in person. 

While you can join the online leagues and communicate with forums, like those on Reddit, you might choose to keep your fantasy league small and in person. It is the perfect way to hang out with the people you like to be around every week. Or, at the very least, discuss the games coming up and those just played.


Not everyone is competitive, but joining a fantasy league allows you to get creative with strategy and dive into the parts of the game you love the most. If you like probability and percentages, you can build a team based on that. 

If you are competitive, then be prepared to be more invested in your fantasy team than you might be in your real sports team. 

Deeper connection

One of the most interesting is that fantasy sports are a new way for fans to interact and get involved with the sport. While they might be a dedicated supporter of their regular team, a fantasy team allows them more opportunity to look outside of their team at great players. 

Fantasy sports also allow participants to create a deeper connection to the sport itself by learning more about what impacts players’ performance.  

How is the fantasy golf market growing?

In 2021 the viewership of golf saw a massive 30% bump on the last number of viewers. The final round of the 2021 US open saw an estimated viewership of 5.7 million eager viewers. 

We are now more likely to see the names of famous golfers in the media too, and it gives an extra dimension to the game. In the same way that basketball players and football stars are covered, we see Tiger Woods, Chesson Hadley, and Jordan Spieth. 

When sports grow, it is typical to see an increase in social following, media coverage, and fans finding new ways to support and participate in the sport. 

When it comes to fantasy sports, golf is no exception. The golf fantasy sports leagues have been steadily growing too. 

Is fantasy golf the same as other fantasy sports?

The rule of fantasy golf is the same as when you play other fantasy sports. Participants in the league will be required to create a roster from a selection of real golfers. You earn points based on how well your chosen players perform in each match. 

Most often, those taking part in fantasy golf will follow the US PGA or the European Tour.

In most cases, the squad you choose with the initial bankroll lasts a year. From your team will come your team. 

Golf isn’t as popular as some of the other fantasy sports. Golf isn’t quite as popular as baseball, soccer, hockey, or basketball when it comes to fantasy sports. Most likely, most other sports are already in a team set-up, while golf presents differently. 

Are there advantages to playing fantasy golf?

If you haven’t played a fantasy sport before, golf is one of the easiest to get started with. You don’t need to know precisely the players’ stats, unlike some other fantasy sports. Instead, you can play simply by knowing the most popular or the best players. 

For example, world number one Jon Rahm would be an expensive draft, but most likely worth it in the end. You don’t need to factor in a leftwing, point guard, tight ends, or anything else. You can focus on the name alone (if you want to).

Many of the bigger fantasy golf websites offer daily and weekly golf games, so if you’re just learning, you have plenty of practice while you get it right. 


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