Last Years’ JEE Advanced Cutoffs 

JEE Advanced

JEE, the term itself speaks for itself; the candidates are appearing for this particular examination dream to outclass the others. It is a particular examination conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology that selects the best students of the nation to become the best students of the nation. Although getting admission in the IITs is considered noble, the institutes which have admissions about the JEE marks also hold a prestigious value.

What is JEE?

The term JEE stands for a Joint Entrance Examination. It is an engineering entrance evaluation directed for obtaining admission across various engineering colleges in India. This examination is composed of two phases, namely the JEE Mains and the JEE advanced.

The examination is conducted by the joint seat allocation Authority ( JoSAA ) for several 23 Indian Institute of Technology campuses, out of which there are 31 National institutes of technology campuses, 25 campuses of  Indian Institute of Technology, and 19 Campuses of the other Government Funded Technical Institutes (GFTI s) build on the rank gained by a student in JEE Mains and the JEE advanced.

The students who score more than JEE Advanced Cut off enrol in prestigious educational institutions like the (IISERs), the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, the IIPE (the Indian Institute of petroleum and energy), The RGIPT (the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of petroleum technology), the ( IIST ) and the Indian Institute of space science technology ( IIST ). Participation of these institutes is not observed in the post-examination counselling of ( JoSAA ). 

Any candidate who has cleared both the JEE and has obtained admission to the Indian Institute of Technology is not eligible to appear for the JEE Advanced examination again. Still, the case is not the same with the NIT, IISc, IISERs, RGIPT, IIPE, and the IIST, as they have separate new counselling sessions.

To produce the best quality of technologists, scientists, and engineers across the nation, the government of India has set up the Indian Institute of Technology. The Indian Institute of Technology is considered as one of the finest educational institutes of India, which produces the cream talent with regards to all the Industrial fields and the sole purpose to Introduce the IIT’S was to flourish a culture of teaching rich educational values in their respective fields for the candidates pursuing the particular course.

These are autonomous institutes having their board of directors and are located at the following places in India :

  1. IIT Kharagpur- 1951
  2. IIT Madras / Chennai – 1959
  3. IIT Kanpur –   1959
  4. IIT Delhi – 1961
  5. IIT Bombay / Mumbai – 1958
  6. IIT Guwahati – 1994

More about the IITs     

The IIT act was amended in 2011, and some institutes and colleges were added to the above list. Still, the candidates passing out from the above list of IITs are considered among the cream of that particular batch.

To reach a peculiar landmark and obtain admission in their desired course, the engineering students need to clear the JEE. To get admission to the top engineering colleges in India, students need to clear the JEE Mains and the JEE Advanced at the national entrance exams. The exam held by the government supports technical institutions like the NITs, and the IIITs is called the JEE Main, whilst the IITs conduct the exams of JEE-Advanced, and the students have to pass JEE Main to appear for JEE Advanced.

JEE Mains vs JEE Advanced

Both the JEE Main and the JEE Advanced are alike and are correlated. Nevertheless, they vary in different aspects. The minimum score a candidate has to score in the examination is termed the cut-off for that particular examination. Every student appearing for the JEE main should be aware of the cut-off marks, which are very important in getting admission to the desired college and stream. 

Only those students can participate in the counselling process who obtain a score equal to or greater than the IIT JEE Advanced cutoff as per the general guidelines. The official website of the governing institution publishes the cutoff on the official website. After the announcement of results or the declaration of results, it is usually revealed. The cut-off mainly depends upon the difficulty of the question paper of JEE Advanced. 

The cut-offs are set low when the difficulty level of the question paper is high in JEE advanced, and the cut-offs are high when the difficulty levels are low. Although looking at the trends set previously, we observe a hike in the cut-offs that could result from an increase in competition among the students.

JEE Advanced cutoff 2021

The concerning authorities have released the cutoff for the year 2021. Generally, the released cutoffs comprise of two sets, namely the admission cutoff and the qualifying cutoff. To secure admission, the candidate must obtain the minimum cutoff marks. Though various factors are taken into consideration while creating the cutoff for JEE Advanced :

  • The cutoff trends from the previous years
  • Number of applicants appearing
  •  level of the exam, be it easy or difficult
  • Performance of the candidate in the exam
  • The available number of seats for admission.

HIghlights of the JEE Advanced cutoff 

  • For their  name to appear in the admission list the candidates need to obtain minimum qualifying marks in the JEE Advanced is called the cut-off.
  • In all three subjects, mathematics, physics, and chemistry, a candidate must secure minimum aggregate qualifying marks.
  • The respective IIT colleges prepare the JEE Advanced cut-off during the time of counselling conducted by JoSAA.
  • The format of closing rank and opening rank is used to calculate cutoff marks in the admission process. Every course has a different cutoff.
  • Every category varies in cut-off marks and cutoffs for qualifying in the JEE Advanced.


In India, it is a dream for every student or candidate opting in the science stream to obtain admission in the prestigious institute called the IIT- Indian Institute of Technology. Even after so many decades, the attraction towards the IITs has not faded. On the contrary, more and more students are inclined towards gaining admission to this prestigious Institute. Worldwide, the IIT’s candidates are considered the most talented of the lot available from the particular batch year.


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