Livebeam streaming platform: Why Should You Start Using Streaming Services


Livebeam streaming platform has become the new black of online entertainment. Livebeam Streaming is an opportunity to express yourself, show your personality and at the same time have an impressive pool of fans, subscribers and friends. Of course, all this only works if you are doing really interesting or funny streams. And start in case you like streaming, as a hobby and entertainment, with streaming services. 

  • Livebeam: First of All, What Is Streaming? 

Streaming is the online broadcasting of some visual content. Streaming media refers to music, video and information that a user receives continuously from a streaming provider. Most of the streaming market belongs to the e-sports segment, where gamers show online how they play their games. Streamers are also called video blogging authors in the genre of music, cooking, travel, unboxing and other areas. So you do not have to be a pro in video-shooting or journalistics to be a streamer and with help of session replay software you can easily see your success on it.

Experts often call streaming to be the media of the future. At the same time, popular streaming platforms have already entered the set of well-known digital tools, and the e-sports and video game streaming markets are constantly in the spotlight of the media.

That is, to put it simply. Whether you are streaming your life, hobbies, games or just chatting about everything online, you are already a streamer. For example, when communicating in online chats, videoconferences are very often conducted. This is also a kind of analogue of streaming, but only for a limited audience. You can try all the possibilities of such communication in Livebeam for yourself. This is an example of an online chat with innovative functionality that allows you to arrange live broadcasting and stream your content.

  • Livebeam: What Streaming Platforms Are Available Today? What Livebeam can offer?

Actually, there are lots of them. Even local networks have their own streaming platforms. Opportunities for streaming as an additional service are offered by the largest media platforms. Other platforms and services specialize exclusively in streaming. We’ll provide you with a scope of the world-famous services you can use for your streaming experiences or just to watch some broadcasts by other streamers.

  • Twitch

The largest streaming platform according to Streamlabs. grew out of, which did not limit itself to specializing in video games but also broadcast streams about animals, sports and politics. However, in 2011, executives realized that there was a great future for computer games, and switched only to the gaming theme.

Twitch is available through a browser on any device, including iOS and Android. The platform broadcasts gameplay and e-sports tournaments and collaborates with the largest conferences and world championships in the gaming industry.

  • YouTube Live

Opportunities for broadcasts are also offered by the world’s largest video hosting service. Gamers consider this promotion channel to be quite difficult in terms of competition, so YouTube Live is usually chosen as an additional platform.

  • Facebook Live

Facebook Live launched in 2016. Using the service, you can directly contact subscribers. According to statistics, Facebook users comment on live broadcasts several times more often than regular videos. You can watch streams in Facebook Live directly at the time of their recording or after the fact.

  • Mixer

Mixer is a Microsoft-owned streaming platform, like Twitch, with a focus on video gaming. The service is integrated into Xbox One and Windows 10 and allows multiple players to play and communicate at the same time, and to have interactive interactions with viewers that can influence gameplay and give streamers voices.

  • Periscope

Periscope is a streaming service owned by Twitter. Periscope apps are available for Android and iOS. Periscope users can stream videos live, chat with viewers, watch missed streams in recordings, share videos online on social networks and conduct private broadcasts for individual users.

Besides, there are lots of local e-sport services to stream or watch streams by other people. In terms of newbies, starting to stream could be easy when using online chats. It will provide you with some necessary skills and experience and also you can gain your first fans in the chat. 

By the way, do you know how a regular live broadcast differs from a stream? The presence of a chat! During the stream, the author can constantly interact with the audience, give feedback and answer questions that are asked in the chat. Therefore, by the way, online chats are a good service for beginner streamers.

  • Livebeam Do not hesitate to give Livebeam a try. Open the door to communication across cultures, and find out what a different social web might look like.. Livebeam is a new service which offers a quality streaming service and has a lot of many other features. 
  • Livebeam: Why Should You Use Streaming Services

And now we will give an answer to the very topic of our article. Why do you need streaming services?

You can enjoy watching interesting and exciting streams from top streamers from all over the world. This entertainment displaces even popular TV shows and games because watching real people is always more interesting than fictional characters.

  • Boosting your self-esteem with streaming. Streaming is a cool hobby that helps you express yourself, connect with the outside world, and connect with a huge audience. Even if it seems to you that your streams are stupid and uninteresting, it may not be true, and you will receive recognition from many people from all over the world. After all, they don’t take money for demand, and it’s worth trying streaming as a hobby even if you are a deeply introvert. Moreover, if you are a deeply introverted person, and in reality, you are scared and uncomfortable communicating with people.
  • Streaming services are full-fledged communities. Here you can find friends, acquaintances, opponents in disputes and just friends in a joint hobby.
  • If you launched a successful start in the streaming industry, you may well be able to monetize this hobby. Successful streamers make a lot of money. In their broadcasts, they often advertise well-known brands and receive advertising fees, in addition, streaming services allow them to monetize the number of views of streams. And the more people watch your streams, the more you earn.
  • Success and popularity are the main goals of streaming. And today there are many chances to become a successful and mega-popular streamer. Certainly more than the likelihood of becoming a Hollywood celebrity like Tom Cruise. Efforts will have to be made hundreds of times less, and the feedback will be even greater.

Streaming is not a stupid hobby. This is actually the sphere of show business. Due to its relative novelty, it is ready to accept anyone. And to do this, you should visit a streaming service at least once or start practising in Livebeam. Watch how successful bloggers stream, learn techniques and skills to put them into practice on your own, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Even your epic fail can be a real breakthrough among streamers. Here, the price is bright, memorable, entertaining and even provocative content, because the streamer’s task is to evoke emotions from the audience. We wish you great streaming success, buddy.

Livebeam is your window to the world of screaming. Livebeam is a streaming & social discovery platform to e-meet strangers that make you beam from ear to ear.


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