Quality Burger Meat: Why Frozen Burger Meat Doesn’t Measure

frozen burger

Statistics show that Americans consume 31% more packaged food than fresh food.This has had a dramatic effect on the quality standards of food. Shelf life has made an impact on convenience but the quality and taste have suffered as a result. When is the last time that you tasted fresh burger meat? Where is your favorite place to find quality burgers?Keep reading to learn a few reasons to choose fresh meat over frozen burger:

Farm To Table

This is exactly what it sounds like. Taking fresh produce and meat from a farm and directly moving it to the dinner table.

This happens in many forms in our daily existence. The fruit in the grocery store could be from the apple orchard down the road. The meat or milk could be from the cows up on the hill.

One big focus of the farm to table efforts is on freshness. The less time that it takes to go from the farm to the table, the more fresh it will be. Both ends of the supply chain have an effect on how quickly this process occurs.

The Drawbacks of Frozen Burger

There are a few drawbacks to consuming frozen burger. The first is that there are preservatives added to the meat in order for the burgers to last a long time. This means that while you may be getting the benefits from the meat, you are also consuming the chemicals made for the longevity of the product.

Another drawback is the preparation. Depending on the type, you will need to thaw the burger first before grilling it. This can add to the time it takes to cook your meal, along with the quality of the burger at the end.

The flavoring is not natural, like it is in fresh meat. Companies will add in their own flavoring. This can change the overall integrity of the burger.

Why Fresh Is Better

One of the many benefits of eating fresh meat is that the nutrients of it don’t get lost in the processing. If you are looking for your protein fix or iron boost, you are more likely to get it from fresh red meat versus frozen red meat.

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You can cook it faster and control the portion sizes that you cook. If you are looking to make small burgers for children, it is much easier with fresh meat than trying to cut or shape frozen burger.

Level Up Today

Now that you have read about a few reasons to choose fresh meat over frozen burgers, you can level up your meat experience today. Stop settling for convenience and enjoy the freshness from the field to the grill.

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