Vital Reasons Why You Need Phone Insurance

Need Phone Insurance

Smartphones are pretty fragile devices, and whether you have an iPhone or an Android, the fragile aspect remains a notable concern. Even though the iPhone is widely considered the more durable brand in terms of quality, both phones are fragile and require certain protection extras. Let’s see vital reasons why you need phone insurance.

These protection extras include a suitable screen protector. Because there are several different types of screen protectors, you’ll have the option of regular screen films, privacy-enhancing films, and even blue light reduction films. 

Once you have picked out a suitable screen protector, you will also need a phone case for your specific phone model. You can find iPhone xs phone cases, and a variety of Android model phone cases from phone accessory retails.

That said, the following type of protection you can purchase to keep your finances safe from phone damages or theft is phone insurance. And if you aren’t too sure if you really need phone insurance, we’ve listed the most compelling reasons to purchase this type of cover.

Access Cover That Warranties Don’t Provide

A smartphone warranty will provide you will financial protection from software malfunctions and a few other instances. However, it won’t protect your pocket from instances such as accidental damage. 

With the right phone insurance, your small monthly premium will cover water damage, screen cracks from falls, and other types of damages. 

Phone Insurance Is Pretty Affordable

Most insurance types are relatively affordable. Although, phone insurance is among the cheapest types. You won’t have to spend more than a couple of dollars for this insurance monthly. Therefore, there’s hardly a logical reason to opt out of this protective insurance. 

Filing Claims Is Straightforward

Filing an insurance claim for a home intrusion or a car accident is a pretty lengthy and mundane process. Fortunately, the same is not accurate for phone insurance. You won’t need police reports or other documents to file a claim against your phone insurance policy. All you will need is proof of damages or theft. 

You will find all the details of claiming from your policy in your policy terms and conditions. And it is essential to determine the process as you won’t want to fall short when the time comes to file a claim. 

It’s More Expensive To Replace Or Repair Your Phone

Because phone insurance is so affordable, when comparing the costs of opting for insurance to the potential costs of replacing or repairing your smartphone, you will find insurance is the more pocket-friendly option.

It’s no secret that smartphones are exceptionally pricey. And if you have a new model phone, you might be out of pocket if you have to replace your phone with no assistance from an insurance policy. 

Before purchasing phone insurance, it is vital to compare options from different insurers; not all insurers will provide the same level of cover for the same price, as all insurers work differently. In addition to this, you should also read through the terms and conditions thoroughly to fully understand how your policy works. 



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