Five Ways to Get Money for Emergencies

money for emergencies

Everyone experiences an emergency at some time in his or her life. Cars break down. Water heaters blow. Family members end up behind bars. You will need to find help ASAP when you face an emergency like that. You won’t have time to go through the lengthy process of getting approved by a large financial institution. These are four places you might be able to get the funds you desire in a flash:

Pawn Shops

A pawn shop is a great place to get a loan if you don’t mind separating yourself from some of your personal property for a while. You can offer items such as necklaces, rings, musical instruments, gaming systems, movies, and more. Pawnbrokers will lend you money based on your item’s value, and they will give you 30 to 60 days to reclaim it by paying the loan plus interest. The process is quick and will most likely be finished within one hour.

Same-Day Temporary Services

You could also sign up for same-day temporary service if they need a lot of workers right now. These providers issue their workers pay cards and put the money on the cards immediately following a work shift. It might be something you can do to gather the funds for your emergency quickly. You could have the funds on your card within 24 hours if a job is available for you right away. The process of signing up for such a company can ta anywhere from one day to a week. Some similar companies allow walk-ins, whom they send on assignments the same day.

Odd Jobs

Another idea if you need money the same day is to work some odd jobs. You may find such jobs online on a classified website. You could get a gig doing lawn work, babysitting, or moving tasks. Those people are highly likely to pay you cash for your services as well. You can use that cash to take care of your emergency right away. Think about doing that if you need quick cash and you have a versatile set of skills.

Title Lenders

Title lenders can give you the funds you need if you have a car and own the title. You can request an advance by taking your car to have it assessed for a loan offer. You will have 30 days to repay the advance if approved. Some title lenders stretch the loans out over a longer period.

Paycheck Based Lenders

Payday lenders are also known as paycheck-based lenders because they use your upcoming checks as a form of credit instead of performing a credit check. Generally, these loans only last for two weeks. Installment loans Canada options may be better for you if you need to take your time repaying the advance.

Consider Your Best Option and Make Contact

At least one of the methods mentioned above should prove to be helpful to you. You can try them and then repay the advance you receive to build a strong reputation for yourself.


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