Roses Delivery by Moyses Stevens, Luxury Florist

Roses Delivery by Moyses Stevens

Roses are one of the most infamous flowers, with over 300,000 varieties available across the world. They are a firm favourite for many people and have been used within flower arrangements for centuries. Most varieties of the rose come from 100 original species, but new types are being created every year. Roses symbolise different things but are most commonly recognised as a symbol of love or war. Roses can be related to other symbolisation such as mythology and within the Language of Flowers.

In Greek mythology, the rose is said to have been created by the goddess Aphrodite after her lover was killed. It is said that her lover, Adonis, was wounded and his blood mixed with her tears of sorrow sparked roses to grow from the ground. Roman mythology says that the creation of the red rose can be linked to Venus, the goddess of love. And in Christianity, roses have been a symbol of the Virgin Mary. In more recent times, the rose became heavily symbolised during the Victorian era which is also where ‘Floriography’ was popularised. This is also known as the Language of Flowers, and it gave meanings to different flowers and the way they were presented. The roses delivery were commonly used to send romantic messages, during a time where these gestures and affection were prohibited. The red rose soon became the ultimate symbol of love as it was further popularized by Shakespeare’s work. These connotations are still significant in today’s society with red roses being given to your love on Valentine’s Day.  

From a single stem to an extravagant display, roses are the perfect way to express your love and affection to someone you love. It is estimated that more than 250 million roses are gifted on Valentine’s Day every year. A single rose is symbolic of first love or if you are in a long-term relationship it means you are still the only one. Whereas fifty roses mean your love that has no bounds. When red roses are used within wedding bouquets, it shows a token of respect, and deep red roses signal commitment and passion. If you are looking to go all out and show your loved one just how much they mean to you, why not browse the range of red rose bouquets at Moyses Stevens. The True Love bouquet is the perfect display of affection with a blend of red roses, carnations, fragrant eucalyptus and fresh hypericum berries. 

Alongside the typical red rose, other colours connote different meanings. Yellow roses are representative of friendship and happiness so opting for or these beautiful flowers are sure to light up someone’s day.  The Honeycomb bouquet is available at Moyses Stevens and it is a wonderful arrangement of yellow/peach roses that would look lovely in anyone’s home. These flowers convey warmth, positivity, and joy which makes them a popular choice to give to friends and family.

Pink roses are a symbol of femininity due to the rosy colour of the petals. Connotations like grace, elegance and sweetness are also related to this pretty bloom. The pink rose is perfect for all occasions whether you are gifting it to your wife, rosy bouquet to a friend, lover or family member. The Hot Stuff bouquet available to purchase on Moyses Stevens is adorned with pink and peach roses with freesias and tulips. All of the lovely hand-tied bouquets are available in regular, large or deluxe sizes with the option to have a bespoke arrangement made up if you have something special in mind. 

The colour white is widely recognised as a symbol of purity, innocence and eternity. This is no different to the beautiful white rose. Their symbol of eternity makes them a popular choice for both wedding and funeral flowers and work well amongst lots of greenery. Moyses Stevens has a range of bouquets that feature white roses. Graceful in White is a wonderful choice as it includes a blend of white roses, white hydrangeas, white veronica and lots of fresh seasonal greenery. This is a timeless combination that would make for a great gift for yourself or someone special.  

Find all of the beautiful hand-tied bouquets through Moyses Stevens either online or in one of their elegant shopfronts located around London. Moyses Stevens is one of the most prestigious florists in London with a long-standing history after first being established in 1876. They currently hold a Royal Warrant for HRH The Prince of Wales and supply blooms of the highest quality to people within London and around the country. 


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