Tips on Creating a Wedding Day Timeline

Creating a Wedding Day Timeline

People spend months (or years) planning their wedding — from the dress and flowers to the venue and guests, there is a never-ending list to complete. However, once the day comes, you need to remember one thing — timing is key!  Let’s see some tips on creating a wedding day timeline.

That’s why carefully planning the entire day from beginning to end is crucial. No matter if you’ve hired a wedding planner or created a DIY project and used a wedding registry for your gift preferences, having an exact timeline is of utmost importance. 

Below, you’ll find some tips and tricks to reduce stress and ensure you cover every possible scenario. It’s the only way for your wedding day to run smoothly.

Think About All the Logistics

Before you start planning out every possible moment, you should consider certain things. For example, if your ceremony and reception venue are in different places, you should see about organising transportation. 

Moreover, if you’re getting ready in the same venue, you’ll need to reserve a room. Also, if you want to take photos before the ceremony or reception, you need to decide how much time you’ll need. These are just some of the examples — in reality, there are far more things to consider. From dances and speeches, through the ceremony itself, to the cake-cutting — a wedding day is packed with action, and you need to plan it out properly. 

Don’t Rely on Generic Timeline Templates

We noticed that the internet was overflowing with all kinds of timeline templates. Since it’s your wedding day, we’d urge you not to use them, simply because every wedding is unique, and yours will be too.

Therefore, start planning from scratch. Of course, if you feel overwhelmed by all the decisions, these templates can serve as inspiration. However, avoid relying entirely on them — make sure you plan the day that you’ve been dreaming of.

Use Every Minute of Your Wedding Day Wisely

Since it all revolves around the ceremony, that should be your starting point. Once you determine when it starts and how long it lasts, you can begin planning your day around it. Depending on your hair, makeup, photos, and wedding venue, you’ll probably need to wake up early. 

So, talk to everyone involved in the preparations and decide together how much time they’ll need. Write it all down, make a list and fit it into your wedding day timeline.

When Overwhelmed — Turn to Experts

No matter how big or small, you want your wedding to go without a hitch. For that reason, if you feel out of depth, you can always turn to experts for assistance. That’s why they are here — to make your dream wedding come true and relieve you of the unavoidable stress that comes with planning the big day.

Take Potential Delays Into Account

When your wedding day arrives, you might forget about the essentials, like having breakfast or drinking coffee. Add all of it to the timeline, even if it takes just a couple of minutes to do. On that note, planning for any potential delays can ensure everything runs smoothly. 

For instance, if you change venues between the ceremony and reception, make sure you leave at least a 15-minute buffer in case there’s unexpected traffic. You’ll be relieved you planned for it in advance.


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