The Ins And Outs Of Opening Up A Coffee Shop

Opening Up A Coffee Shop

If you are looking to drop out of the corporate rat race, then starting your own small business is the most logical place to start. You can follow your passion and base your business around it. Let’s see about the ins and outs of opening up a coffee shop.

Coffee lovers will no doubt make great coffee shop owners, for instance. Not that it makes it easy to set up and operate a coffee shop, but you will be working in a sector that gives you a lot of pleasure.

There is a lot that goes into any kind of food and beverage business so you’ll need to understand what you are getting into. In this article, we will cover the basics of what it takes to start a coffee shop.

Get financing

Starting any kind of food and beverage based business is expensive, even a small coffee shop. The key is to understand the expenses you are going to face so you can secure financing. Even if you have your own money that you plan to use it is wise to understand how much you will need to get going.

Find out how much space you will need to fulfill your dream shop and research how much rent will be. Then research the costs of construction if you need to renovate the interior. Finally, you’ll have to get your equipment.

A good coffee shop will need high quality, professional coffee machines like the Profitec Pro 600. A dishwasher is also a must and if you plan to serve cooked foods, then a professional range and hood system are requirements.

Once you have these numbers, write up a business plan and look for a bank to give you a small business loan, or try to crowdfund to get your operation off the ground.

Pick the right location

It’s become a bit of a cliche, but location, location, location is one of the biggest factors for the success of your store. There is no one size fits all so you have a few things to consider where your shop will work best.

If you have the option to set up cheaply near an industrial park or a business center, then you can do really well by providing quick coffee and food to go. Being near a university will make you a lot of money when you have a relaxing space where locals and students can come and enjoy a coffee and sandwiches in a relaxing atmosphere.

Offer food

You’ll need to sell a lot of cups of coffee to turn a profit. This is not likely to work. What you’ll need to do is to offer other items where you can add to the average order. Things like snacks, prepared foods, or sandwiches made to order will increase how much each person spends and will give you more of a chance for success.

As long as the food you are serving is easy to make and can be made in a few minutes then you can get by on volume.


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