Fire Sprinkler Contractor General Liability Insurance

Fire Sprinkler Contractor

When it comes to fire, everyone should be more careful. A single spark can be the reason for huge destruction. Fires are responsible for destroying thousands of lives and millions of dollar properties every year. This is why an automatic fire suppression system is very useful and the best method to control the spread of fire. This system has three basic parts; the nozzle, pipes, and a suppressing agent reservoir. However, you should not rely on this system. Let’s see about fire sprinkler contractor general liability insurance 

If any legal suit is filed against you, it’ll force you to pay a lot of money. This is why a fire sprinkler contractor insurance can save you from this situation. If you are not aware of this insurance coverage, we are going to explain how it works. Let’s get started. 

General Liability Insurance Includes

General liability is the most basic part of this insurance. It will protect the damages of your office as well as your customers’ property. General liability will pay for injuries, illness, and property damage. 

  • Products Liability

As a fire sprinkle contractor, you wouldn’t like to face any problem. If the fire sprinkle is faulty, it can cause damages to your customer’s property. However, if you have the general liability insurance, you will be able to pay the cost of damage and injuries. 

  • Premises Liability

Besides product liability, premises liability is also essential. This mean if your business location faces any accident, this insurance will cover the cost. In fact, this coverage can help you if a customer falls while visiting your office.

  • Completed Operations

When your customer is asking you to install fire sprinkler on their property, you will install the system and get paid. However, it does not mean you are liable after the contract ends. If the customer faces any problem in the future, this policy will cover it. 

What Activities a Fire Contractor Liability Insurance Covers?

A fire sprinkler contractor policy covers various things including:

  • Contributes and evaluate construction plans
  • Installation of fire retardant materials
  • Designing the fire sprinkler alarm system
  • When you are selling fire sprinkler equipment including electrical room system and hood system
  • Evaluate hazardous materials 
  • Installment of dry standpipe distribution systems
  • Installment of door release devices
  • When your company is providing fire safety training

What Type Of Insurance Do Fire Sprinkler Contractors Need?

If you are still confused about what type of insurance you can get for your fire sprinkler business, here is the answer. There are many different things. However, some of the coverage needs legal requirements.

  • Professional liability is one of the most essential coverages. If you are a contractor, you need to carry this coverage. 
  • Besides professional coverage, this policy also covers commercial general liability. This means it will cover your workers’ damages and physical injuries
  • If you are running a business, you and your team might use vans, trucks, and other vehicles. So, this insurance also covers your company’s vehicles. 

Fire Suppression Contractors Risks & Exposures

When you are installing the fire sprinkler system on your customer’s property, you need to be very careful. The on-site installation place should be protected and restricted for public use. You wouldn’t like it if someone gets injured during the operation period. 


You see how a fire sprinkle contractor policy can protect you from various problems including your customers’ property damage, premises liability, and physical damages. Before you take this insurance, make sure you are being aware of the coverage it gives, For more information, you can start research as well. 


Q: Does general liability insurance cover fire?

If you are a fire sprinkler system business owner, fire damage liability will be included in the general liability policy. However, it must be proven in order to pay the liability cost. 

Q: Does general liability cover faulty workmanship?

Most general liability policies are good for paying the cost of physical damages. However, faulty workmanship coverage is also included in the liability policy. 

Q: Do fire sprinklers reduce insurance?

Fire sprinkler system is getting popular for reducing the risk of accidents. This means it will reduce the home insurance premiums as well. 

Q: What is fire suppression insurance?

Fire suppression insurance covers professional liability, general liability, and umbrella protection.