Six tips for hiring and paying your first staff members:


Hiring and paying employees on time is a huge responsibility that every business should perform with caution. Technology has made all processes easy and smooth. But if you are preparing to upgrade/start a company, then hiring and paying your first staff members is a need. Thus, you should know the right approach to make the process fruitful. So, let’s dig into more details to capture the best working team. 

Questions to ask yourself before hiring new staff members:

Hiring and paying are two main processes that go hand in hand with each other. But you have to examine your company to know whether you are eligible to start the process or not. So, here are some primary questions that you should ask yourself before hiring employees. 

  • Is it necessary to extend the staff members? 
  • Do you need new employees to take the business in another direction? 
  • Are you financially ready for hiring and paying new employees? 
  • Are you aware of the methods to prepare the records? 

Prepare yourself before hiring employees: 

Apart from this, you have to cover the following legal points before hiring and paying new staff members. 

Obtain your employee identification number Get the tax details in order Set the insurance details
Write the job description in detail Set the timeline to meet the task   Write the employee handbook from scratch 


Note: It is vital to know how to maintain the records. For instance, record the wages, time, and other details. These points come into the pay stub, and you can use any software to maintain the record.

Six tips for hiring and paying first staff members:

The above conversation is showing there are multiple steps involved in the whole process. Apart from this, the rules are different according to federal and state laws. However, the list is long, but here are some quick tips for hiring and paying first staff members. 

Plan the whole recruitment strategy: 

Before hiring the employee, it is vital to plan the whole recruitment process. For instance, write the detailed job description and, with each set, create the action plan. Apart from this, you need to know that the hiring manager plays a crucial role in the whole process. So, arrange a meeting with HM and design the execution plan. I hope you are well aware that teams that plan and work together have a higher frequency of success. So, everything should go in order by following a proper working hierarchy. 

Prepare the paperwork: 

It is another crucial stage that you shouldn’t ignore. You can prepare the template and use it whenever you want to hire a new employee. Here is a list of all vital documents that you shouldn’t ignore: 

  • W-2: It helps to determine the right amount of taxes that you will pay against each paycheck.
  • I-9: By using this form, you can determine the eligibility of any person who is coming for interviews and hiring. 
  • DDF: A direct deposit form gives you an employee’s bank information for swift transactions. 

Besides the above papers, don’t forget to align the consent drug testing, non-compete agreement, and employee handbook. However, all of these items should be ready beforehand and easily accessible. 

Search different talent pools: 

If you are stuck at a point while finding the perfect fit for your company, then you have the option of using talent pools. Yes, it is an effective strategy that worked in the past to find better opportunities. You can use the university-level talent pools to capture the raw talent. Apart from this, keep an eye on reliable courses and produce better employees for different job positions. Thus, by following excellent tips, you can make the process easier by hiring and paying the right talent. 

Take proper time for hiring and paying: 

If you push yourself to make crucial decisions, then there is the possibility that all decisions will be wrong. So, it’s better to take time, conduct interviews, and ask critical questions. As Reza Chowdhury says: 

“Carefully screen all candidates to select the best one.”

It is vital because first staff members create and decide the future of your company. So, if you choose less talented staff, they can’t match the pace of your company. Apart from this, make the strategy that will help employees to fit into workplace culture easily. 

Establish incubation period: 

I know it is tough to judge a person in just one meeting. So, it will help if you set the trial period to consider whether the employee will perform or not. Thus, during the trial period, you see the person in action and know how to work. You can say goodbye if you think they aren’t determined enough. Later, you can replace them with good options without getting into much hassle. 

Discuss the whole process with stakeholders: 

Stakeholders are the ones who take a deep interest in every decision that a company takes. So, it is suggested to include them in the hiring process. You can ask for stakeholders’ suggestions before deciding on job descriptions, interviews, job responsibilities, and reporting structure. Above all, sometimes stakeholders can come up with fantastic ideas that can help a lot. It’s not an easy task to take everyone on the same page. But by doing this, you can avoid future problems by focusing on the right approach.  


In the above conversation, we discussed a few points, but that’s not all. Few other vital factors need your attention more than any other thing. So, here is a small list. 

  • Know the traits that you need in your ideal candidate 
  • Hire an employee that can cover your weaknesses 
  • Conduct background check of the employees 
  • It will help if you prefer a good combination of experience and potential 
  • Keep yourself updated with the critical HR functions like record keeping, paystub, employee relations, etc. 

Your first hire is the one who gives life to the business. So, don’t hesitate to take as much time as you want and select the best team. The best team can take the company upon the sky, and the sky has no limit. 



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