What to wear to an outdoor wedding


While the supposed ‘Freedom Day’ is upon us, many people and businesses will continue to practice social distancing – making an outdoor wedding a popular choice for anyone that wants to invite more guests. 

But when it comes to the British Summertime, there are very few guarantees, making it incredibly hard to actually know what to wear. 

To help you get started, we’re sharing a few tips to finding the perfect outfit for the unpredictable weather so that you can still dress to impress.

Check the dress code

For summer weddings and outdoor occasions, the dress code tends to be a little more relaxed. However, it’s always best to check so you don’t go under, or overdressed!

Check your invite to see whether they’ve mentioned if it’s a ‘black tie’ event or they want people to wear certain colors. If there’s nothing mentioned, definitely ask before committing to an outfit.

Remember the no-gos

There are certain cardinal sins when it comes to dressing for a wedding – either indoors or out. The first is absolutely never wear white. White should be kept for the bride as it’s her special day and you don’t want to be mistaken for the one that’s getting married.

Before finding an outfit that suits you, make a note of any no-gos. It’s a good idea to skip the denim and don’t show off too much skin. 

Don’t limit yourself to the high street

Nowadays, there are so many reputable online boutiques that have plenty to offer so that you don’t have to limit yourself to just the local high street. Plus, if you head online, there’s less chance of you wearing the same as someone else! For those looking for ladies plus size clothing, there’s much more to choose from online, too. 

Always take a jacket

Since this isn’t Spain, you can generally expect at least a light shower at some point during an outdoor wedding. It wouldn’t be a British wedding if there wasn’t, right? Even if you’ve checked the forecast several times, always take a jacket. Most venues will have a cloakroom, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it around all day. But, if the rain does pour, you’ll be grateful you brought it.

What’s more, the late evenings can get rather chilly – especially if the wedding is in a rural location with little coverage. You don’t want to the cold to spoil your evening. 

Ditch the too-high heels, or bring flats

Sometimes, for the sake of the photos, it’s nice to wear heels. Especially if you’re vertically challenged… But heels are not particularly suited to outdoor weddings. Unless you’re wearing a solid wedge heel, you might find yourself sinking a little into the grass, so it’s better to opt for flats. 

If you really want to wear heels for the photos, but don’t quite fancy wearing them all day, you can always put some flats in your bag. You can even buy little roll-up flats that stash away super easily. That way, you can dance away the night with no injury. 

Let us know your other tips for summer wedding outfits!


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