9 Ways to Prevent Sales Stress Ruining Life

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Stress, exhaustion, burnout, or any other related terms convey one thing in common which is the mental pressure experienced by the employees at the workplace. It applies to the sales job too – from prospecting to hustling for client meetings, their job is filled with challenges that may be overwhelming at times. The stress in sales job should be managed so that it doesn’t ruin your personal or professional life.

  • What if a customer says No?
  • How to stop sales pipeline leakage?
  • What to do if I miss this meeting?
  • What if the customer moves on to my competitor?
  • How can I spend quality time with my family amidst a busy schedule? etc

These are some of the examples of sales anxiety a sales employee might go through. Here are the ways to keep the sales job stress at bay.

9 Ways to Manage Stress of a Sales Job

Studies show that about 4 in 10 sales employees feel that sales pressure affects their personal life too. Follow these ways to get rid of it:

  1. Delegate tasks

It’s not necessary to do all the work by yourself. At times, you need to share the workload with your peers or delegate a few tasks to your junior employees also. Plan accordingly so that with the help of them, you don’t feel overloaded with work. Also, maintain your calendar properly without any overlapping meetings/calls and set reminders for important tasks. If you are a sales manager, then you can use task management tools to get updates from your team members instantly.

  1. Take short, meaningful breaks

Yes, you heard it right. You may ask me, why meaningful breaks, not just breaks? I have an answer. Whenever you feel sales anxiety or sales pressure if you notice you might have taken breaks and slept for some time or any such activities that reduce your physical fatigue. But, there is something called mental stress, which should also be taken care of. Hence, take meaningful breaks that relieve both your physical and mental stress. For example, a short picnic with your family, a drive into nature, listening to soothing music, etc. will help in reducing the sales job stress.

  1. Make use of the resources

Is sales bad for mental health? – this question pops up in the minds of people who watch a salesperson’s hustling life from the outside. That’s quite normal. But there is no such thing as bad or good when it comes to a job. The only thing is you should know how to use the available resources that make your work much easier. Resources may be a scheduling app like Calendly, a field force management app like Lystloc that provides various features and assists you and your field employees manage all on-field activities, and online courses for learning new tools, etc will make you feel empowered and at ease.

  1. Set realistic goals

“Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating, and be consistent”- Venus Williams.

As an individual, you should set clear, realistic goals for yourself. Your manager will be setting sales quotas for you, which you may or may not attain in a given period. But every month, you must show some improvement. For that, you need a goal – be it the number of customers, sales volume, or customer retention rate, whatever terms you set, you should be able to achieve

  1. Follow a good routine

A good routine is the most underrated virtue that will help you succeed in your life. Getting up early in the morning and doing some kind of exercise for the body & mind are the best sources of happy hormones. Starting your day happy will keep you motivated throughout the day. So, instead of complaining, “My sales job is making me depressed”, follow a good routine and change that into, “I’m excited about my sales job”.

  1. Communicate with your team

Communicating your work challenges and obstacles with your team can be an eye-opener. Because, once you express your experiences, your peers will also open up. This will help your entire team to know what’s going on with each one of you. As a result, you will be brainstorming ideas and even come up with solutions for your problems.

  1. Learn to handle rejections

While selling stresses on the needs of the people, there will be rejections if they are not met. Rejections are a part of a salesperson’s work life. Do not take it personally, instead try to understand the reasons behind it. Focus on improving yourself and present better the next time. Also, do regular follow-ups and send personalized emails to improve the chances of sales.

  1. Identify skill gaps & upskill

Your skill set is your strength. Sometimes, you may feel anxious about the changing work environment. To adapt to the new changes, you need to upskill yourself with the latest tools and technologies. Employee training programs can be organized by the company to strengthen the skill set of sales employees and assist in their career growth.

  1. Allocate time for your hobbies

Research says that you should take a 15-minute break for every 75-90 minutes of work. It’s a good idea to have indoor games on your office premises. They are of great relief from the monotonous work. Other hobbies like gardening, painting and craft, cycling, or any other activity that make you feel relaxed can be practiced on your day off.

Summing Up

What we discussed above are only a few ways how to prevent yourself from stress. There are many other ways too. Choose whichever you feel comfortable following in your daily schedule. Some people are judgmental that sales jobs are stressful. So, next time when they ask, “How will you handle sales pressure?”, hope you have an answer to tell them.





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